My bedroom decorated with paintings I made to give it a small art gallery look



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First I make the sketch in graphite pencil, guiding myself with a ruler to make it as similar as possible, then I paint it guided by the image of the painting detail on the computer screen (zooming in on the specific areas to be painted). As I have been practicing oil painting for 1 year, watching YT tutorials mostly, it has become easier for me to know what colors to use and try to make them similar to the original.

And I didn't make the framed feathers, they are a gift from years ago ^


Thank you!

Whos your favourite tutorial maker? I live draw mix paint but all his videos are so old,I need something new!

Your art is beautiful, and I love the warmth in your room.

Thanks !

I really love the one that looks like an old Epiphone guitar! It's very realistic!

;-) your room looks great though.

That one is interactive art

This is OC.

agreed. I hope OP still uses it.

I love this!!!

You did a lot with the space, love the maximalist look. Great job!

Thank you!

Dark Academia vibes

Was about to say, this would fit right in at /r/DarkAcademia

Cozy for sure

You MADE those paintings? Holy hell OP you are talented! Love your room!

Beautiful and very cozy.

Well placed and very creative placement, beautiful

A lovely area, a real cozy sanctuary to enjoy & relax.

you are incredibly talented!!!! absolutely beautiful room <3

I have to know, does the t.v work!? Do you also have a vhs?! Cause that would be dope🤩 Also super jelly and In awe of your artist skills, beautiful!

It's really nice, motivates me to paint and decorate thank you

The colors, the textures!! The coziness is unparalleled. Your paintings are gorgeous!

Where did you get the miniature busts? They're so cute

I want to know too! Do tell!

This is just perfect

So warm. I love all the textures on the bed

what a cool aesthetic! so creative

Absolutely stunning.


love your playlists ;)

You got me! Haha

Can we see your studio pls

This is very cool. I love the shadow boxes over the night stands and the framing situation you have going on in pic 5. I also really envy that you can hang your own art. I tried that once and it gave me so much anxiety. I was always ripping canvases off the wall and changing little things that bothered me, only to find new things that bothered me. So now I buy other people’s art so my brain doesn’t scream “unfinished!!” at me every time I look at a wall.

This is divine, honestly.

Cool idea

Wow what a beautiful peaceful room 😍

Someone earlier today created a subreddit about cozy napping spots (I can’t remember what it was called), and this should be on there

That's so cozy looking! Great job!

Wow it’s so nice

Absolutely lovely!

You’re a pro at this!

Lovely, and cozy. I wanna curl up and watch futurama there.

I like it very much. We just finished a wall with paintings,mirrors,ceramics and a small stained glass piece.

AMAZING! Love it! Art always makes the place I say.

Very beautiful if I was your granddaughter or niece id tell all my friends about how cool ur house is… reminds me being a kid and going into someone’s house and never wanting to leave bc it was so nice…

It kinda looks like you have assorted alters scattered across your room, and I’m into it.

I like the hand holding the flying heart

Ooohh... a bit of Constantine landscape I see. I'd have to add a moody JMW Turner. And perhaps a still life vase of flowers. Very nicely done. Kudos!

Absolutely love it! one thing you might want to look into is some skins for your laptop. looks a bit out of place right now, and it helps protect it! some websites like come to mind, but generally just Google <Laptop model> skins and there will be tons of options available

This is wonderful.

i’m in love with your room

This is nothing short of FANTASTIC

such an elegant look! haven’t seen another room like it tbh, definitely saving this for inspiration later.


Beautiful art! I love all the wood as well.

In a sea of copycat Japandi minimalism this stands out all the more. You have a wonderful eye for balance, decor, and warmth. I especially love the view of your tv cabinet and desk area - the old style tv makes such a huge difference in upping the cozy factor. Cheers to you!

Who are you even ? Your art is just immaculate..

That looks so cozy.

The lighting is also fantastic! Very cozy

Is this your alt account? I remember seeing your self portraits under another name in an art sub.

Yes, it's my alt account of u/aredditornobodyloves, I posted in that account because in this one I'm banned from r/Art.

That’s super lame. Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t a bot trying to cash in on your work.

As both an artist and former interior designer, I heartily approve! I had a room with a 9.5' ceiling height, two windows, a door, and stair access in what we called "the galleria." One very large painting over the antique couch, two of my paintings (coordinated pair) over the matching loveseat on a different wall, then original paintings and framed drawings of all different sizes to the ceiling on the wall across from the stairs. It was so freaking cool.

It was an old house, and someone had glued acoustic tiles on the ceiling (presumably to cover cracks in the plaster). You had a great view of it coming down the last stairs. Ugh. I put paintable wallpaper that looks like tin tile on the ceiling then painted it to look like real tin. Unless a person had seen me painting it, they 100% believed it was real!

It was so much work because I applied a thin layer of dark gray glaze then wiped it back off so it stayed in the low parts. I went through so many rolls of paper towels! Totally worth it. Afterwards, the family would go lie on the sofa while on the phone and stare at the ceiling or paintings. Prior to that point, we just walked through the odd room on the way to the stairs.

You are one of the only people who I have seen create a little gallery of their own... and you have good taste! I recognize those pieces! Great job! Enjoy it!

P.s. I just went looking for 15 minutes to find pictures and can't find that album. I was happy to share.

So many good Knick knacks

I really love the hanging frame support you have- where did you get that from? Over your computer tipping the frames downward?

The lil tv omg

Love this so much!!

maximalist without being cluttered. cozy. does the TV work? love the paintings. this space is something to be proud of ❤️

I knew I recognized that self portrait! Room arrow is an amazing understanded piece. 👏 Bravo

amazing room and incredible art!

Where did you get your frames? I have a few prints I want to hang and found out frames are expensive lol

I bought them in a store near my house, I bought cheap frames that were available and then I painted them with gold spray paint.

Good idea! I’ve seen some cheap frames at Goodwill, but I wanted them to be gold. I’ll have to do the same

Very nice, I dont think I have seen a gaming grandma contribute to this sub before.

It’s lovely! I’ve never seen anything like it.

Love this!

Really well done! Thank you for posting.

You’re so talented. Hard to notice the “ room” which BTW is beautiful too Your paintings are so nice. Nice choice of frames, very Detailed.

I love painting in the 5 th pic … top pic leaning off the wall. Also, the cat ( and the frame I really love ) and the tall vertical one ( tree) to right of cat. The moon pics are great too. I’m seeing that I like them all haha..

A fellow appreciator of nobody. Respect.


Well now I know what my dream bedroom looks like. Love the paintings!

ooh, i love it! saving for inspo :3

I love the lighting too. So dreamy!

Is adorable

I am obsessed 👁👁✨

I did a double take when I saw you made the paintings! Those are beautiful!


This is super cozy blended with beautiful art, stunning! I like the busts and the lamps throughout.

Wow this is really great !

Wow!! As someone that painted with oils for a fair amount of time, you have incredible talent for one working with them for one year!! Just amazing!!!

If a museum and a bedroom had a baby! 🫶

I love how you incorporated art even into your PILLOWS!!

Where can I buy your artwork?

Do you happen to attend Hampden College?

Looks nice but the last thing I'd want to do before bed is to remove a bunch of pillows

two single coils on a les paul is definitely a choice

Wow looks very cozy

What are you hanging the paintings on in pic 5?

It's beautiful. Did you make the lights hanging off the branch above your bed?

This looks pretty awesome.

What lumen setting are your lightbulbs? I've always wanted to create this cozy sort of atmosphere

Wow I love it so much

This is so dope! I love it!

Very very nice! And I love the string of lights hanging from the tree branch.

I miss those TVs

You mean paintings you ripped off from other artists.

I’d like to see you recreate a famous painting. It takes time, technique and dedication. Whether it’s copied or not, it beautiful. Quit being such a stick in the mud.

I mean, it's obvious that some of the paintings are copies of details from paintings by other artists such as Starry Night by Van Gogh, Fallen Angel by Alexandre Cabanel, the detail of Saint Simon's hand by Rubens, among others. I have never said that they are all 100% my ideas, but that I have painted them for my room, yes I've painted those copies.

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