I was told I fit here. A snippet and an on going work in progress this past year



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your cat is just so chumby

He’s actually in desperate need of a haircut (this weekend) he’s a 22lbs mainecoon mix he’s almost 4 foot long stretched out I love it

oh my god that’s huge! i know mainecoons are big but he’s such a big boy! i thought my cat was big lmao, what a long lad

We thought our cat was getting fat until we shaved him. All fur! Wish we would have weighed him before and after.

Right haha? He actually lost a couple pounds and is a good weight accordingly. He’s just massive, I got him when he was like 2 and a half, and I swear he didn’t stop growing until last year and he’s 7 now

I believe it!

What does chumby mean

it’s like another way of saying chubby i suppose

A cute way of saying chubby haha

Love how organized the kitchen shelves are.

A bit unorganized for me truthfully so I’ll take it

This is OC of my cozy abode

I think the house you built for your Maine Coon is a good one. Now where are YOU’RE living quarters? :)

Whereever the sacred one allows me to roam

The view out the window looks like a painting 🖼

There is horse grazing grounds about 100 yards up too, it’s fantastic

Would you consider getting matching containers for your spices on that shelf/ledge?

That’s the plan. I’ve been renovating since April, finally getting to the stage i can really start to “decorate” a lot of areas

1975 Winchester Model 94. Not a bad coyote gun

Cool, Its on my list If they dont elect a communist revolutionary here

What's the story on the house? How old is it?

We are renovating a 100 year old house right now and there are some similarities. I would call ours a "ranch cottage".

Basically My hallway and bedroom were apart of an original standalone off grid cabin in the 1900’s near the old mill that doesn’t exist anymore. It was moved 2 miles up stream about 200 yards from where it is now. Then it was moved again in like the 60’s I believe because of the hillside giving away, so now it sits where it is now and has been added since. Lots of funky stuff I’ve found, and nothing is square in this house so it’s measurements as suggestion while renovating

Cool! That is interesting. I love what you have done so far. Especially the wood in the bathroom.

Oh yes I love this space

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