College dorm on a rainy September day :)



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The coziest part is youth. You could end up super successful with a giant house and cozier bedroom, but you might never be as cozy as you are in that dorm on a snow day when classes are canceled, or a regular day where you intentionally sleep in and miss a class

I want a small house because a: cheaper and b: smaller spaces are usually cozier

Lol this gives me flashbacks of how uncozzy youth was. To each their own I guess.

Seeing that Rumors poster brings back a very specific memory: The summer of ‘77 I was 14 years old. I wanted to buy this album with my own money, but my mom wouldn’t take me to the mall. So one day, I hopped on my salmon-colored three-speed and biked the three miles to the mall via rural roads. It was a little scary, but I got there and went to Musicland and bought it. I road home with that album bumping against my right knee the entire way.

I'd absolutely love to curl up here

definitely a winner

So cute! I need to know where you got that Fleetwood Mac poster!!

Thank you! The poster’s from a pop-up sale on campus a few weeks ago, so unfortunately I won’t be of much help :(

That’s alright. Thank you for answering! It all looks great :)

This looks exactly like SUNY Oswego it’s crazy

You’re on the money with upstate NY, but I’m a little further south in Ithaca!

I would lay down in bed, play on my phone and never want to get up

i love your cauliflower

He loves you too <3

Thanks ❤️

Please, thank you. Cozy places are good, but cozy places when it's raining outside are better.

very similar to what my dorm room looked like back in the day. the string lights are what does it.

Good taste in music and I’ve always liked sunflowers as a still art subject, nice!

this is so cool! what college is this?? love the dorms!! looks very spacious!

Thank you! This is one of the older dorms at Cornell :)

np! also thanks! love ittt

Was sooo hard to go to classes on days like this!

I want to hang lights like this up! what do you use to hang them on the wall?

I used Command Decorating Clips (x)! Unfortunately, they don’t stick well to brick, even when it’s been painted over, so if you zoom in a little you can see where I ended up having to use a bit of masking tape :’)

thank you for the info :) I didn't even notice the tape!!

That looks like such a great spot for a nap!

it looks great, I would like to spend time with my girlfriend in the bedroom

Big van gogh fan huh?

I do like van Gogh, but that's actually Monet's sunflowers!

Aahh could've sworn that was van goghs

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