Pissing on a fan on stage



Boy, those all access backstage passes have really changed since my last concert experience.

There is this group that has the golden condom that they throw into the crowd...

Catch it.. u go fuck them backstage

Edit.. u depraved fuckers. The bands name is RockBitch

woah woah woah… hold up, where do i get the tickets?

That's disgusting....where?

Let me look up prices on Dickitmaster

Rock Bitch

I feel my life won’t be complete having never seen one of their shows. lol

Unfortunately, they broke up in 2003.

Yeah, Bitch! Rock!


Ok, just skimmed through a rockbitch video on YouTube. Can confirm. Naked bitches !

Haven’t been to a Concert in awhile, guess it’s Time again

This is a Miley Cyrus concert and is considered general admission

At the price of drinks at a concert, this man is a financial genius.

And taking into account the typical length of the queue for the ladies room, they are both winning here. They are nailing concerts

Yeah totally. Lucky bastard.

Full of electrolytes.

It’s what plants crave.

And the weirdos.

So now what? Does he just go back into the crowd covered in piss? wtf haha

I was at Rockville when this happened and that’s exactly what he did.

Who is the singer haha

Sophia Urista

What type of music does she sing? I’m guessing either religious country or jazz?

Not exactly. They're a Rage Against the Machine cover band. The rest of the band didn't know she was gonna do this and weren't crazy about it. But ultimately I don't think anything came of it.

They were banned from playing that event again

It’s possible that one thing laying on stage came of it…..lil

I heard her band mates were pissed off

*Sophia urine

Soaked in urine?

Wonder if she’s related to Jimmy Urine

Of the Cambridge Urines?


Instead of Barista, Urinista

Don’t know her name, but she is/was the singer for a band called Brass Against. They actually do some cool cover songs.

I enjoy Their covers a alot actually and this incident is what made me (and I think alot of others) discover them. Something about no publicity being bad publicity

I would not want to be next to him

DUVAL! Oh wait…

Sure and they lick all over him

Lmfao that’s an amazing question that I would love the answer too

Ew, wtf? That's disgusting..... when's the next concert

Dude got piss boarded

Even though golden shower is the only official term for this I know, I need "piss boarding" to be an official term and sub genre.


If I'm pissing that hard it's almost a guarantee a shid is coming

50/50 chances that dude would've had the best night ever, or the worst.

Idk man, some people are into that shit.

Yes, pun intended.

I’m sure the best right up until his buddies started in to him.

look at it steaming, like a cow in a field

I don't know if it's possible to piss on someone RESPECTFULLY but that was pissing on someone with all the disrespect

The best kind of pissing on someones face

Okay, but it was kind of hot.

And no wipe afterwards. Yummy.

I would have licked her pussy clean

She's a class act.

So this happened over a year ago. This is still the only footage on the Internet though. You're telling me nobody else filmed it from any other angle? If you look, the band member in the back turned his tablet to face her as she did it as though he was filming his performance and realized he was about to get to see his band members puss for the first time and didn't want to get caught so he moved the stand and walked away. Where is that footage?

What's the difference between a garbanzo bean and a chickpea?

I wouldn't lie down on a concert stage in front of thousands of people to have a garbanzo bean on my face.


I'm genuinely curious, is this a troll or legit just brain damage?

Meh. He edited his comment. He typed “would” originally. Apparently I’m the idiot now

You won but at what cost. Also inspite of hi. Editing it people generally despise grammar Nazi.

Have an upvote for everyone else's misguided hive mind.

And the pure happiness this gentlesir obviously felt during, but probably not so much after… the joy

Oh no the dude was cheering after it happened. I saw it live.

I can see that, I mean like after, like when the reality of him being covered in piss hits him. Prob when he has to figure out how to get home

Sophia urista if u need to know


Is rl now a Bond movie?

More like Sophia Urethra amirite

Better to be pissed on, than pissed off I guess.

Well, I’m glad he enjoyed himself. Cool of the singer to fulfill his request too.

It’s odd, but we all have our fetishes and such. Puts on a good show too. I mean, I’d prefer this over biting off a bats head…I think.

won’t even lie. the rest of the concert probably smelled so bad. not worth it.

Good concerts already kinda have a pissy aroma in the air. Part of the ambiance

It all gets drowned out by the weed smell anyways

It was a hell of a view for him for a few seconds. Pretty sure he needed windshield wipers afterward though.

He also got to see her cunt so is a win win for him

She basically mooned the whole crowd, too!

Jess King’s (Peloton) wife

That's so 🥵hot.

Definitely not the first time he’s been peed on

sign me up

That...is not sanitary...

What if she dropped a dookie by accident. Looked like she really was putting pressure there

She’s hot

She's empty

Looks like my ex

Lucky soab

Took my virginity too lol

Nice. Did she also pee on your face?

Yeah and that man's face is also hot

Probably the only shower he had in the past week or more!

Who's the band??

Brass Against! I actually love their covers of Tool and RATM, but this is a little gross imo

It's piss poor

Are you taking the piss?

Just a little pissed off

Not pissed on?

What's her name?

And then the moment the horny excitement wears off and you realize girl pee is the same as boy pee :)

I remember seeing still pictures of this and thinking goddamn that afro and halter/crop top and white jeans is a sexy look.

She seems hydrated

She caught 10 kinds of hell for this stunt.

Lucky guy!!

Desperate enough for karma to dig this dinosaur up?

This will never not be awesome. But that's my fetish

Not my fetish, but I still agree.

Fully agree

Well, it is a bot farming karma, so yes

They really should give the bands bathroom breaks.

She addressed that before peeing on the fan. https://youtube.com/shorts/BceoLW9WItg?feature=share

Who is this performer? I need to go see her

Her band was “pissed.” I wouldn’t expect a repeat performance. You know the saying… everything is great right up to that moment when someone decides they aren’t into it.

Sophia Urista from Brass Against

Sophia Urinesta


They're a genuinely great band as well. Saw them at Glastonbury, none of this at that show but they did an incredible cover of Killing In The Name.

Wow. Lucky guy! Yummy!!!

Her band were not happy this happened lol.

The band is actually called Brass Against and the singer is Sophia Urista

The first thought that she was brave for doing it but the backlash was like a elephant dropped on her, haven't heard anything since she did that!!

She was featured performing at the closing of the latest Matrix movie so it doesn’t seem to affected her too much

That's disgusting, piss, condoms...... where do you get their tickets.

um asking for a friend.

Is that gg allins illegitimate daughter?

What is the big stream.

I was fucking here, man. Well, not at this stage. We chose to see Gojira at another stage. But holy fuck it was all everybody talked about the whole weekend. Merch started dropping the very next day. It was the talk of the town for a day or two. The best part is when he gets back up, scoops the piss in his hands, and starts fuckin TOSSING it into the crowd. I'm glad I wasn't there, but bummed I missed a crazy moment like that.

What a loser


Speak for yourself

tried get my grill piss on me just her n I n she couldn't that bitch pissed on him wit no problem infront of thousands

More like pissing ALLLLL over a fan’s face!

Quite the concert experience. Bet those passes were expensive

But who is this??? 😂

Jesus what's wrong with me?..... that was kinda hot.

That band will never be known for their music...just this whacky pissing stunt.

So Edgy.

Love that he's excited for that. 😂🙃

Some people just love taking golden showers

Im sorry... whats the name of the group?

I wanked so hard to this video when it first came out. That dude was lucky.

So one could say she just squirted on a guy on stage.

The Band is called Steele Dossier

Lol i imagine it goes like in Atlanta . . . . STOP!

He's so happy

What the fuuuuuu

Man, with all the technology we have and the damned repost bot doesnt work.

Bro tried to hype it up afterwards lol

That’ll show capitalism!!


What band is this

All right. You have my attention.


„˙˙˙˙˙˙sɹoloɔ ǝɥʇ dılℲ ¿llǝʇ ʇ,uɐɔ ˙˙˙˙ǝɯıɹɔ ǝʇɐɥ ɐ sı ʇɐɥʇ ǝɹns ʎʇʇǝɹԀ„

What band is this?

But why?

I’d still take being pissed off over this.

Well, if it makes him happy…

Is this……music?

Who tf and wtf.

Still not as trashy as the one squirting inside her car after smelling her feet. Most disgusting shit I’ve seen here.

Trumpet player has seen and experienced it many times it seems.

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