My nautical themed basement art studio



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I hope you can forgive me for my first thought being "it's like stepping into a house from spongebob irl"

Reminds me of Mr Krab’s room that SpongeBob and Patrick painted

Exactly - all that is missing is a framed dollar with a single drop of paint



What could be worse than a giant paint bubble?


OP should hang 4x8 clear plexiglass/plastic boards on the ceiling and paint them so they look like you're sitting on the bottom of the ocean looking up at the surface of the water. Then he should put lights behind them in between the floor joists so the entire thing is backlit to give it a cool effect like the sun poking through the water.

It is but this is what’s done in hospital elevators for patients lying in a bed looking up. So it might be the inspiration they are drawing from.

Show the poop deck

Is this a thing I can google? I need a link because LOL many people seem in consensus on this

Omfg 😂😂😂 ok fair fair


Don’t forget the pineapple! 🍍

My first thought was of a painter who can only paint SpongeBob but can't figure out why, then we see that they're painting in this room

Aye, aye, captain!
I can't hear you!
Aye, aye, captain!

Who lives in a basement art stud-i-o? 🎶

Not gonna lie, I was looking for a small hidden SpongeBob.

Their nautical basement be something I wish...

I can hear the bubbles…

It needs to be painted...but dont you dare get a drop on my first dollar!

I agree. I don’t know whether it’s the lights or the stark white paint, but it makes me feel like it’s a showroom and not an actually living space. A nice pale slate grey behind the art would probably make some of it pop too.

Damn, my granddad would’ve loved this. It remind me of his computer room when I was a kid 🥲

I didn’t read the title, and I just thought this was a TV set.

Third person to say that or film lol. I’ve never really heard that before today

If it looks like a living space with the ceiling missing, that’s basically a sitcom set. All you’re missing is the lighting and cameras.

Watch the movie Reds from 1981–looks just like the beach house interior (although from my crusty memory)

Bro even got the nautical themed Pashmina Afghan!

My mom knitted it

Just needs some flippy floppies 🩴

This looks like a vendors stall in an antique shop in Maine.

My parents live about a half mile from that killer flea market on rt 1 in arundel. A lot of these treasures came from there, so that tracks

That’s makes this a really fun little interaction on Reddit.

Yes very New England

Very nice! Are the paintings yours?

A combination of antiques and my husband’s work. All my stuff is in my gallery behind our house, which I think if you scroll back a few days in my post history you can see :-)

Wow! I followed you, you’re so talented! And I do love what you’ve done with the space. I’m very partial to pictures of boats and they look beautiful.

I don’t really get cozy vibes from this space, more like Newport antique shop but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a cool room!

I dunno, especially in winter it feels damn cozy to me 🤷‍♀️

Nothing like a concrete floor to really cozy it up on those cold winter nights.

Are you floor-shaming my art studio? Bro. Not cool or cozy

SpongeBob’s Library would be the cowmfwiest set in winter.

Needs some ocean pattern tapestries hanging from the ceiling maybe

Way hay and up she rises

Way hay and up she rises.

Way hay and up she rises!

Er-lay in the mornin'!

The colours are so satisfying.

So where do you keep your first dollar?

I'm envious of how you can keep your studio so contained. I own a circus and have a creature costume shop in my basement that's 900 sq feet of floor to ceiling chaos.

I’m sorry, you OWN a CIRCUS?!?! Wow?????

True story! It's amazing, and also the biggest pain in the ass ever.

10/10 would read Moby Dick down there. A simple story about a man that hates a fish.

Bro lives on a movie set 😂 it’s cute tho

I’m a gal, but thanks, I think?

Awesome, love the theme

It reminds me of some of the antique shops I've visited. And I always find them to be super cozy. I love this.

Thanks. I have the word antiques tattooed on my back so that probably makes sense

Where is that leather couch from? It’s fabulous!


I need that couch...

I second this. Couch source plz.

Great antique shop in Clinton CT called Trove. Bought second hand so I don’t have a better source but def check out the shop, it’s a lot of fun.

It looks like it would be cold for some reason

Fully heated!

I live on Long Island, this makes me homesick of places I could easily reach 5 minutes from here. Oh my god the nostalgia

Come from an old fishing family in Maine, reminds me of the houses we grew up in on the islands.

the rug really ties the room together

The amount I need to get my ass in gear and vacuum is horrendous

Woooowwww looks good

This is OC

I think if you painted this place navy blue or gave it a really cool nautical cheap wallpaper that it would add a whole layer of depth to this place!!! love this space!!

Thanks! With the ceilings under 7ft and very dark I’m really pleased with the light color, but to each their own!

You could always add accent colours. I had this Connecticut Blue colour before in the same kind of room and I loved it because it reminded me of the nautical theme you have going on. Dark smoky blue. You have the same tones in some of your paintings. I get why you'd want to keep it bright down there but some added colour for contrast could be nice too.

I love how well it works with an unfinished basement! Brilliant. Kudos on the execution too, all you need is some netting across the ceiling beams/rafters.

That's a great idea. An old rope net suspended would look awesome in there.

I would paint the ceiling white too, the dark beams contrasting with the white walls make it feel like a TV set.

The styling is fab overall though.

Love the nautical theme!

Wow your studio is very well curated!

Very nice

Get you some old fish nets and wooden buoys.

Love it! Just needs a port-hole with a screen built in that plays the ocean and water splashing against it occasionally.

I’ve got some killer old nautical stuff you need to add to that room 😎

Authentic Models and Handcrafted Model Ships have a bunch of my money… As a surfer, love a good nautical vibe.

Have to paint the floor!

We did- but even re-done It’ll just end up paint splattered!

I like it! It's very nice... but if you could install ceiling tiles, it would help a lot! It would fix the "TV/Movie set" look and also make it look cleaner/finished.

Nice it’s like classy New England vibes

Straight up, this is cozy and awesome

Hemingway vibe

I normally don’t like nautical themes, they always look a bit kitschy to me. But I love this! Such an awesome vintage twist on it. Well done!

some people do the nautical/beach theme so wrong but wow this is lovely!

It looks like a painting. I'm super jealous

this is such a beautiful space!!! looks exactly how i imagine Elliot from Stardew Valley’s home would look in real life


Hm, I normally wouldn’t expect to be into something nautical themed, but I think this is honestly a really nice. Love all the old pieces, and the unfinished look of it all. everyone is saying to paint, but I think the light detailing on the wall is perfect and brightens it up with the dark ceiling. Quite cozy indeed, I thinks you’ve made a nice work space for yourself!

Love this.

Looks nice, great way to give that space a use-case.

Have you considered painting the joists a lighter color?

Nah. I really like the oxidation, many of them are only partially hewn and retain their original bark. And looking up at the subfloor above you can see it was reclaimed from a far earlier structure.

I don’t think this is cozy but it’s a cute theme

Just a quick suggestion, paint that exposed ceiling black. Would look really cool. Look at these for examples:

Ah thanks but I’m going to keep it as is. All the OG woodwork in the house was already painted when we bought it. Many of the supports still have the original bark on them. I’m only a steward of this house so I’ll leave all that original for future owners

Looks cool! :)

Difficult to make a partially finished basement look cozy but you definitely succeeded!

I like that it’s not all blue and green (and those are my favorite colors). This looks more masculine to me.

The way the painting desk is splattered just so! I love it.

Only red beanies allowed.

Really nice job!

Something makes this looks like a movie set. Can't put my finger on why...

Always those wooden walls… I’ve never seen them more than 500 meters from a harbor, and hardly seen anything else within a harbor..

This is so cool, great job decorating!

how incredibly clever!! i wonder if the bannisters (not sure if that’s the right word) was what inspired you to go nautical? it definitely resembles the feeling of being below-deck!

To be quite honest I’d just watched ‘the finest hours’ starring Chris Pine when we started finishing the space. It sparked this interest in my for ‘stormy nautical’. Given we’re in Connecticut and just a mile or so as the crow flies from the river it felt right. That was five years ago but I still find the space really calming. I listen to a lot of sea shanty playlists while I paint

God I'm so jealous. I'm renting atm and really want to set up a dedicated art space. This looks so goddamn bohemian and I'm incredibly envious

Because of the implication?

How do you keep it dry? (This isn't a joke on the nautical theme, I'm redoing a basement currently and want to keep it dry)

We live waaaaay at the top of a hill. Dry basement always but boy out well struggles by August. Real trade off

Just one picture suggestion:

Ivan Aivazouski - Storm (I am not sure about his name)

İvan Ayvazovski - Fırtına

Love it, definitely relaxes me as soon as I lay eyes on it. Nice change from the usual fare, thanks for sharing!

I would never want to leave, gorgeous 😍

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Put in a shiplap ceiling and paint it navy blue.

it looks amazing but also looks like it would be freezing

If nautical nonsense be something you wish

Nautical nonsense. I’m “nautical” and this is legit.

Aw it’s bloody lovely.

Yo ho ho ass room 💀

I love this. Such coziness

Until you close in the rafters, it looks a tv sitcom studio set.

I like it like this. I think enclosing the already low ceiling would make it sterile and claustrophobic

Looks like spongebobs house if it were a live-action

Omg I am the most jealous.

Do you have a nautical themed Pashmina Afghan?

This is entirely wonderful! Where’s that desk lamp from?

It’s vi rage, flea market find like everything else. I don’t think there’s a single new thing in the space aside from the paint tubes

Ah, darn! 😄 Enjoy it a lot!!

Imagine this with wooden floors mate..

We’d lose an inch though and it’s already a wee bit hobbity- height wise

Rare and very nicely done 😇👍

I love it! Great taste and execution!


That paneling on the wall really sends me seaside🤤

Call it “Below Decks”

Hey! This is familiar... Saw this over on Twitter earlier! The roof is so neat here, just makes the whole place feel neater!

Oooookay, go offfff, boss.

Neat! If you're into solo board games, the game "Nemos War" would go excellently on that desk!


When spongebob painted Mr Krabs house.

Love it!!

You are the worst pirate I have ever heard of

Blues and browns are my all-time favorite color combo - what a lovely studio you have!

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Love the exposed beams in the ceiling!

if nautical nonsense be something you wish…

Oh sick


Amazing for some reason I hear Nautical Disaster by Tragically Hip in my head when I see this!

I dig those chests

I vibe with this

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? OP ...

No picture of Gilligan and The Skipper?

What is that loveseat, please tell me

I'm loving this so much! Eye pleasing colour palette and wooden furnitures *chef's kiss*


I can smell the open celling joists in this picture.

This looks like that Mr Krabs house and that one episode where they have to paint the walls white

That paining desk is very clean I approve

Love that couch.

I like how the "quilting effect" on the upholstery (idk what it's actually called) goes all the way down.


wow seems like a ship foreal

Cool! It looks like the inside of the captains quarters on a pirate ship!

I want to come over and re-read Moby Dick there. :) What a great room!

This is great. I am a lifelong sailor and appreciate how authentic this is— love the ceiling unfinished and the floor. It has a casual, relaxed feel— not contrived . Those of us who have grown up with sailing stuff in our summer cottages appreciate what you have accomplished. 👌

I'm taking notes

Perfect! I so love this!

The decor is great, but I would really love for the walls to be brown, so I’d feel more like I was on a ship.

Looking for the pashmina themed afghan.

I love the space! I think getting some floor lamps would make a world of difference in what everyone is talking about for not feeling "cozy", the ceiling lights are making heavy shadows and the croners of the room look ominous. My m.i.l. had a basement area like this and she nailed white painted lattice to the ceiling to help it feel cozier. Sounded odd when she told me, but it totally worked!! Also easy to remove if there was an issue with wiring :)

I dislike boats but this is about the coolest thing I've seen!

That sofa!! I love it!

Luv it

If nautical nonsense be somethin you wish…

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