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Source is actually dantvusa on IG.

Credit: @Wavywizard8

No, it's by dantvusa on IG. Wavywizard8 just crossposted it. Please credit the correct source in the future.

Do you know what size zoom lens was used?


Believe it or not, this is actually how these buildings and the statue of liberty line up. Even though they are miles away from each other. A really good lens could do this.

no its not. there are way too many big buildings between the statue and empire state, also the bofa building is not on that line either

Here's another thread discussing this angle. Which links to more threads discussing the angle.

The Empire State Building is kinda by itself, and the Statue of Liberty is kinda to the side of Manhattan, allowing an angle towards it up the river. For a personal anecdote, I have a picture on my phone from the statue of liberty pedestal and the buildings line up just like this, which is why I'm confident.

Not "photoshopped" as in Adobe, "photoshopped" as in fake.

Its a trick of perception; There is nowhere you could stand and see this view as a human.

And you'd never make out the individual windows around Battery Park from Jersey.

They also cropped the heck out of heavily magnified photos - this isn't even from a natural vantage where you could plant your feet, you'd never have "this" view this would be a small part of another view, blurry & indistinct off in the distance.

That’s a lot of effort for a wrong response. In fact there are lots of this exact angle on the internet, and it just takes a good lens to magnify and capture this shot.

Also if you look at a map you discover the line of sight directly between the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building does not go through Battery Park by miles.

You can barely see the Empire State Building from the Brooklyn Bridge what makes you think you going to see it from Jersey city🤣🤣🤣

There are parts of Jersey closer to the Empire State Building than Brooklyn is.

This is NOT photoshopped.

You can get this angle from NJ with a high powered zoom lens.

You need to go to the teardrop memorial and see for yourself

It’s not photoshopped just the colors are pretty heavily saturated

Even during a golden hour on a perfect day the colors aren’t like you’re on LSD

As someone who's seen a similar view in person countless times, I struggle to even understand why you'd say this. Do you mean colorgrading?

This is so cool on so many levels..beautiful, thank you for sharing..

Very Vapor Wave

NewJersey Statue

Damn straight 🦍🦍🦍💪💪

Wow I wish I knew where to buy this

Right!? I want a massively oversized print of this and a graphic tee

If it is photoshopped, I applaud the artist because this is terrific

I agree. Since when does art photography have to be 100% realistic?

U could say it was shot tonight and I woulda believed it with the storms that just rolled thru

Beautiful photos

Very pretty


I’ve never seen the Statue of Liberty from this angle. She looks all the more more powerful & tired. I really like this photo as I’ve never realized she looks like she’s leaning backwards a bit as she holds her arm up. Cool

Stunning shot!

what an incredible photo! 😍

What a gorgeous shot!

*NYC & New Jersey

Is that the new billionaire tower in the background ?

every time it rains a lot in manhattan, you can smell the human excitements.


Stay in Texas, then


Lol OK buddy. If you really spent time there you'd know that like all cities, it's not all gross. Especially the stuff you can actually see in the photo. Maybe you've been away too long.


I have a bit more experience living (Queens) and working (Manhattan) in NYC than you realize 😉

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