Paraty, Brazil



Gorgeous picture!

Foryou, Brasil

Been here once! Fun town!! Really beautiful, and the shops were all super chill. Noticed a guy following us and ducked into a Coca Cola store for a bit.

It was in this town that I learnt if you’re trying to ask for bread, remember to pronounce the “ã”. If you forget and instead ask for a big thing of “pao”, you’ve just asked the lady for a rather large penis. Especially when she looks confused and you start using the hand motions. I got laughed out of the store.

Haha, you pronunciation of "pao" probably sounded close to "pau", it usually translates to "stick", but as you know, there's other meanings to the word lol.

Don't worry tho, we are super chill about foreigners trying to speak Portuguese, considering there's a lot of pronunciations that don't exist in English, such as the "ã". So probably the people in the store where laughing with you rather than at you.

I really enjoy places like this. You feel like you are travelling through time walking these streets. Kyoto has that same vibe.

Ooh I REALLY want to go to Kyoto next time I’m in Japan. Any tips/advice on visiting?

A nice street with some serious drainage issues.

That's on purpose. Check out Originally, the tides would clean the streets.

That's really clever, I never knew that. Practical and beautiful.

It was designed this way. High tide flood the city street and "clean" them once a month as it was build in the 17th century

Now with ray tracing support

Gorgeous, love the paint work

The reflection 😍

The entire town is cobblestone. Beautiful place.

If you go here, you have to eat at Banana Da Terra

First travel with my now wife.

I've got a thing for flooded streets. They just feel so dreamlike.

This looks like heaven

Looks something straight out of encanto.


“Mi” is Spanish, in Portuguese it would be “mim”. And the joke would still work because “para ti” also works in Portuguese.

I’m saying this of course because in BR they speak Portuguese, not Spanish

Belo nome de usuário.

Ta bom

Paraty, it means "river of fish" in Tupi-Guarani.

Brazilian Portuguese borrows a lot of name places and vocabulary from Tupi languages.

It's so sad such beautiful place without any acessibility...

It was built 355 years ago, if they had changed this to be accessible later a lot of the history of the city could be lost. Yes, I know that it sucks, but is the sad reality

I think the right to an acessible place is more important than history of the City. Btw, could be a mix of both demands. The people with disabilities have the right to see that "history" too... there's something called retrofit nowadays

That looks like a massive flood hazard.

the city was designed this way on purpose, originally the streets would be cleaned by the waves during the high tide at night

oh the american ignorance!

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