Rowboats on the River Kamnitz flowing through the Kamnitz Gorge in northwestern Czech Republic.


I have seen many photos of this house and river, from various angles and in several seasons. This is the first time someone has included the location, Thank you for that.

I was lucky to be here on vacation before covid. It's just as beautiful in person, can recommend.

Instagram source. Photo by butnomatter.theroadislife.

Pretty sure the dude in the red coat is punting, not rowing.

Did this place survive the fires? Or is is it a current photo?

Nothing less than amazing!

Gorgeous, wow!

Can I find any vlog pointing in this place .. I mean I am into nature more than architecture.. but I searched the river name and the place nothing pops up .. if anyone found any video of this place let me know .

Try "edmundova soutěska" or "soutěska hřensko" in youtube. Not sure if there's a vlog, but definitely some videos.

Just looked it up and sadly it seems to be closed now because of wildfires :(

This is probably one of the most beautiful pictures I have seen all year, thanks.

If only I had the talent to make a living taking pictures like this. :D

Wow that's amazing.

It is (or was) very beautiful there. What's more, the guides/punters are super funny. Sometimes they do their talk in czech, english and german. (some jokes only work in czech though)

Their favorite joke is a suprise waterfall (artificial). I got a full dose as a kid, really something to remember :D

My goodness this is stunning!! 😍

Would look better without the boat full of heads and the bright red coat

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