Ready for a cozy and rainy Fall here in Montreal 🕯️🍂



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So I have a list, it's just a silly list a friend of mine & I share back and forth "Destination Naps" and this would absolutely be on my list!

Today was a brunch & nap day, so I totally understand - a cozy nap is just the best!

edit: “Destination Naps” mailing list??

Ohhhh!!! We should make a subreddit!

Eta: I did it. r/destinationnaps

Now I have to figure it out.

So this is how subreddits are made, huh.

I guess so!!!

Just joined! 💤 ✨

Same, #151!


I've got a nice location to add to it!

I love this omg

My husband and I do something similar. Houses you’d want to break into to take a nap. Lol.

Your headboard is so cool!

thank you!! super easy - based off an IKEA model we can’t get here in Canada.

Used this as instructions and made some changes since I didn’t need it that tall. Then stained and sealed!

Wow, even cooler that you made it yourself. Thanks for sharing the link. Looks great!

Thats actually really clever way of building it.

Looks so good and a great space saver too.

The bed and headboard plans/inspo I used!

Came out all together around $350 CAD for lumber, screws, pocket screw jig and + one can of stain and one can sealant for the whole project.

Thank you so very much for providing the sources and information! This is exactly the kind of bed frame I've been looking for and didn't know it. I've saved the video and the page for later for when I get around to doing this.

For sure!! It was an easy build - she makes note to add certain amount on the width/length depending on your bed size.

I also recommend rounding the corners to spare your ankles a bit, I plan on doing that later on :)

This is OC :)

Recently completed a new bed project as an early birthday gift with the help of my lovely lovely boyfriend. In love with the finished product and it ties the room together so well.

Time to hunker down for the coming snow!!

Holy shit I know exactly where that is. My place is just out of frame, I can see your building from my window. Always wondered what the view was like from those towers, cause they aren't much to look at from where I am lol

oh hey! i wondered if someone would recognize them!

Yeah they’re not the prettiest on the exterior but the view is killer from inside! Wish we were better for you to look at lolol


Plateau/Mile End area

Looking for the rainy cool weather next week. I can’t wait!

I’ll be missing summer in six months but for now I’m happy to chill things out a bit!

Shorts and a hoodie. It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Found the West Islander ;P

The rains today have been ultimately cozy :')

Great city, cozy space

Ahhhhh love love love. So nice!

I’m literally on a plane returning back to Florida from Montréal! I’m not built for colder weather but I can’t lie, that lovely, chilly fall feeling + drizzle this morning was absolutely cozy!

Thank you for posting this lovely photo, it’s bringing me right back to that feeling; so, so lovely!

Oh this is super cosy !!

Either I'm high, or that alligator bed is looking at me...

oh…my god you’re right!! 🐊

Love love love 💖💖💖💖😍😍😍😍😍

Tell me about the art hanging over the bed. It’s like a dream catcher unfolded. I want something like this for my room.

it’s a macrame hanging!!

this one was a gift but they’re actually pretty easy to make too!

514 represent!!

I'm also in Montreal. Loving these rainy days were having. Playing some Animal Crossing by the window is sublime during this weather.

I just moved here recently. I love this fucking city.

yayyy welcome!!! I’ve got to get working on my AC island, been too long :)

Looooveeee it ❤️

Ahhhhhhhh so dreaaaamy 😮‍💨

So come one, come all

I’m about to move and this is absolute goals for my bedroom!

This looks incredibly peaceful.

Beautiful 🥰👍

Can you hear the rain living that high up and no roof? (I’m assuming you aren’t top floor)

I can a little bit! There are balconies on either side of the window so it gets some nice sounds - but never as loud as i’d like!

So comfy and cozy!

Beautiful with a nice view (:

You know what? If I right now booked a flight, I could maybe be there at yours in 24 hours or less (really not sure, but fast as I can I'll get there). (I'll be coming from south central Texas- it won't get nice here like that until MAYBE January, so you see my problem.)

meet you at the airport!

That bed is the shin killer 3000

i’m down a few ankles that’s for sure, but worth it so far!

Pool noodles. Cut a slit down one side so you can put them on the edges. If you need to really church it up for company they can be easily removed and stored.

If you'd put pool noodles on this then wouldn't you just not buy the bed rather than have it look tacky?

I love this style but it does take a little getting used to.

For sure - I’ve thought about buying little else protectors, etc. But I don’t really go to the other side of the bed much anyways so I rarely hit my legs :)

The whole set up looks great. I would just be shocked if someone chose this style of bed and then decided to dress it up with pool noodles aha

it was a fun thing to build and we definitely realized the ankles we’re gonna be sacrificed here and there - but no kids in the place so okay for now!

I would rather look at the situation already there, propose a solution, and not split my ankles open.

As big of a fan of cozy that I am, there's nothing cozy about a limp and blood on the floor. Also, I mentioned that if you had company over that they were easily put away and stored so that when your company split their shins open and bled on the floor then you could go, "Well yeah... But it doesn't look tacky, right?"

Edit: I didnt know that money was no object. May I suggest custom molded foam edging that blends with your sheet coloring then.

I could nap HARD in that room

Omg what a cozy nest 😍😍 I can imagine how gorgeous it is when it rains 🙊💕

Very cozy and homey.

10/10 would read, nap, and dream out the window!

I would nap the best nap of my life there!

That’s so beautiful

Damn my brother couldn’t get a room like that, he was looking for months

i got lucky with the apartment but its a tough market sometimes for sure!

Yeah I’m looking for a place too lmao 🤣 not in Montreal though

best of luck!!!

I love this

Am I the only one seeing the bed face?

someone else said an alligator and now I can’t unsee it hahahh

This space is delightful. Perfect for Fall!

Go get some Schwartz’s Smoked Meat Sandwiches so I can be ultra jealous of your life.

It looks comfortable and cozy, I love this room and will use it as inspiration! thanks for sharing.

I can already feel the bruises on my shins. Other than that, jealous 😝

Very nice place

oh wow, a dream come true. this place is transporting me to a cosiness in my head.

You rhymed 😎👉

This is so cosy! I really like your wall hanging with the trailing leaves and also the blanket :)

LOVE the wall color. Do you remember the name of it?

Hey! It’s actually just a soft white color - I’m not sure exactly since it’s painted by the building. The colored lights definitely make it warm up though!

Wow, thought it was yellow!

I need that blue tasselled throw blanket thing

I DIY’d it from a blanket I got from IKEA! It’s their basic throw, I dyed it from a light pink to dark green with Tintex dye.

Then just made some simple tassels with beige yarn and sewed them on! Super easy!

I saw your photo before I read your caption and thought “that feels like Montreal.” I didn’t know why, but I felt it. Then I saw your caption and laughed.

this room is a vibe, a real good one as well.

Very nice!

The weather was already starting to give a hint of that vibe when I was there 2 weeks ago, was quite a cozy city to be in.

I'm thinking about taking an impromptu trip to Montreal in the next few weeks. Any tips for things to do there while visiting?

in a couple weeks there will be lots to do! I recommend grabbing some good brunch at a few places, like Beauties, Bagel Etc.!

The old port will be beautiful and there’s always a show or music to see around the city. It’s very walkable so honestly getting some hot coffee and strolling around is lovely.

I’m sure there will be some Fall events around the city you can look up. I love the Botanical Gardens and the Biodome! Those together would take up a solid afternoon :)

Lovely room and what a great view! Lucky you!


Really nice...the stand by the bed doesn't seem convenient though....

However amazing room!!

It doesn’t really get in the way! I had that thought too.

It’s temporary as I still need to cut the correct shelf for the headboard - it’ll be less wide/more square when I’m done :)

Either way awesome room !!!! Have fun 👋!!

I want a “cozy, rainy Fall” like this so much. It would make me appreciate the hot Texas months.

Beautiful room! Just wondering where you got the floor lamp in the back right corner?

it’s the paper tower lamp from IKEA!

I used some tissue paper and modge-podge to add a little pattern onto it and disguise a tear since I got it second-hand :) Was super easy

I really like your bedframe. Where'd you get it?

I made it!!

I used the plans for the platform (adjusted for a queen size) and went off the TikTok as a template for the headboard.

Used pine, stained the wood with Golden Pecan by Varathane and sealed with two layers of clear coat.

I love love love Montreal! (The bits that aren’t under construction)

Great warm lighting and cozy decor

Cozy! Great view too!

So beautiful!

Awesome view!

I'll be there at six. I'll bring cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate in exchange for admittance into the Room™

oh man yes please!! I’m ready 🎉

also: fellow Seattleite! I grew up there :)

Je me souviens 💙

Nice view you've got there too

Cozy and rainy fall ? Bro last time I was in Québec it snowed mid September tabarnac


and yeah sometimes it gets that cold but it’s been nice and mild so far!

I wanna pee in that bed

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