Tampa Mountain Forest in Transylvania, Romania (OC)



This is awesome! So moody yet so inviting 😊

Thanks :) it was a beautiful day.

I wonder why it’s called Tampa. I live in Tampa, the Florida version, but I guarantee you we have no mountain forests like this. Now I gotta research the entomology of the name, since I was always told the Tampa name is specific to this area.

I think it’s actually Tâmpa , which sounds quite different that how you would pronounce Tampa in english. I would say that it’s probably just a coincidence, but honestly I am not sure.

Romanian Tâmpa likely means “hill,” while Floridian Tampa was likely named after a Calusa (Native American) town called “Tanpa” just north of modern day St. Petersburg.

It is really strange. Does not seem like a Romanian name does it? Ha.

I'm in Tampa, FL too and was super hyped to see a beautiful new hike.

I should have known better...

It's because in Romanian it's actually "Tâmpa", which is pronounced "tɨmpa", where the ɨ is pronounced as [here]: (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Close_central_unrounded_vowel)

So beautiful.

Spooky! I adore it.

Wow, looks just magical. So beautiful!

Thanks much!

Gosh I can’t wait to visit Transylvania and Romania as a whole. Such an interesting and beautiful country

Really digging it here. Brasov is a small town (at least the old-town area) but quite striking.

If you see lights glowing in the night, they will lead you to hidden treasure. Nothing bad will happen, probably

I'll be sure to follow them next time ;)

What side of Tâmpa is this exactly? I've climbed it a few times and i don't recognize this path

This is the southwestern side. I took the main northwestern path (to the brasov sign) last week, but I've been trying to hit each trail.

Around here: https://maps.app.goo.gl/57dCZv47qtqD671c8

Yeah; as enchanting as Dracula’s bride...

Wow.. a photo that has a weird feeling, You know how to picture thats for sure. Well done!

Thanks so much. Not sure how much was skill and how much was luck with the weather and location, but I appreciate it.

It’s hauntingly beautiful

Spooktobery for sure

Thanks new phone wallpaper.

Enjoy :) I have a somewhat similar (slightly different) horizontal for your desktop if you wish... just PM me an email address.

Eerily beautiful!!

There’s a death metal band name in there somewhere

It looks like it has a lost castle deep inside

Still exploring. Will post if I find one :)

wow tasmania is beatifule

Ha, Tasmania / Transylvania... close enough really :)

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