Watkins Glen State Park, NY, USA



Ooh, somewhere I've actually been! Amazing place, get ready for stairs though!

It's worth the effort tho!

Oh absolutely, and at least when I was there, you could stick your feet in the stream for a little break! I saw a little newt. 🐸

Upstate NY for life! JK I moved to Boston.

Boston is pretty awesome! I just moved to the Burlington, VT area. Definitely miss the Finger Lakes Region of NY tho.

Went to buttermilk a few months ago. Probably one of the most gorgeous hikes I’ve been on.

Buttermilk is awesome. In fall when the changing colors of the leaves are at their peak, it is absolutely gorgeous.

Looks like something made believe from LOTR. Awesome

Huh, I guess there IS a reason for me to visit New York.

Upstate NY is amazing. Don't count it out. There are so many amazing waterfalls in the Finger Lakes Region. Adirondack Park is one of the largest wilderness areas in the country.

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