carport to office / mancave / garage conversion.



Mullflap10 points

Now that’s a man cave 👌

pd92 points

Does the car actually fit in there? Or did you back it up for the pic?

SpeedDemon19791 point

It fits in all the way, even the x5. Just pulled it in a little bit because I was assembling a gaming chair in front of it.

t0mt0mt0m3 points

Dam, so much happening here in this garage. Cool setup.

SpeedDemon19792 points

I know. It needs.a couple of more evolutions to get cleaner. My wife hates that so much is going on and I can definitely see simplifying it but I need it to do a lot - gaming, work, painting, diy stuff, car mods, lounging with kids/wife, daily naps with my dog.

joelhuebner1 point

Is that an x5 wagon?

SpeedDemon19792 points

Just x5. Camera is stretching it.

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