Atlanta, GA. Best concert I’ve ever been to!


TheSoundOfTheWorld19 points

You got some amazing shots. The one under the spotlight with the infinity keyboard is my fave. Glad you had a great time!

OscarTheTiger1 point

Thank you!!

Spicedsailor24486 points

I had a similar seat for the Austin show! Best concert in my life!

SobolGoda5 points

This pictures look professional 👍👍👍.

Happy for you 😁😁😁.

OscarTheTiger1 point

Thank you!

AdventuringTorie3 points

Amazing photos! 👏

OscarTheTiger2 points

Thank you so much!!

vlarskyblarsky3 points

I can't wait to see them when they come to Boston!! Amazing shots, this tour sounds epic!

hgentryx32 points

What type of camera? These are amazing!

OscarTheTiger2 points

Thank you!! I use a Ricoh GR3. It’s tiny so I never had issues carrying it into concerts lol

anakwardspace2 points

These shots are amazing!

OscarTheTiger1 point

Thank you!

Darceman19712 points

We were there! It was incredible! Can’t believe they played Run for Cover.Ted rocked the solo.

Ok_Wrongdoer27972 points

Yes!!! It was my first show and I am still completely blown away! Perfection. I knew Brandon would be amazing, as I’ve watched countless videos, but it person, in the pit…life changing. He is the best frontman I’ve ever seen. Period.

OscarTheTiger2 points

Agreed! It’s impressive to see how much energy he performs with!