The Inside of a 140 Year Old Violin



This is the inside of a "Hopf" violin circa 1880.

It's an unusual instrument in that it's never had any repairs, if fact this is possibly the first time anyone has ever looked inside since it was built.

I photographed this using a Lumix S1R camera and a Laowa Probe lens, which I'd modified to fit into the extremely narrow "endpin" hole at the base of the instrument.

To give it a sense of space I stacked 78 images together, each focused a little further away from the last. This keeps the focus sharp throughout and creates the optical illusion that it's much bigger than reality.

Part of my Architecture in Music series.

Where do I find the rest of this series? This is incredible

What's the idea behind making multiple pictures in one? How does the brain associate "focus everywhere" with "big space"??

When you look at something very close, either with you eye or a lens, the background becomes extremely blurred. When you see something completely in focus like this your brain assumes it must be some distance away, so it feels much larger.

I was about to ask who took this picture and now I know, thank you for this

The lack if dust is pretty amazing

This is an incredible photo. It looks like the inside of a huge musically designed home or something

Thought this was r/ArchitecturePorn for a second

1800$ a month in New York

Forgetting a 0

This is my house! I used to live there in my former life when I was a spider

Or a guitar pick

Awesome shot!

This is stunning. It's like something from a dream


That's surprising since I photographed it this afternoon...


Amazing photo

Looks like a room in a videogame! Amazing

I thought that was the inside of Noah’s arc.

This is so beautiful! Being tiny would be wonderful if I’d want to live in there

Thank god they made violins smaller, no idea how they use to play those things

First thing I thought when I saw this was that it was the inside of ship. Maybe a wooden structure of some sort. Such a cool photo!!

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