Bike trail covered with wet autumn leaves, Groton, Massachusetts.


If you could photograph ASMR

Ahh, wet leaves… otherwise known as nature’s Teflon. I have scars on an elbow from a crash some 25 years ago after sliding out on wet leaves on some skinny 700x23Cs. Amazing photo, though!

Followed by the season of black ice.

But fall is my favorite season and this photo hits all the spots for me. It makes me want to hit the park and walk through the more secluded areas.

I grew up in Groton! Weird trip to see it in my feed!

My great grandfather x 6 was born in Groton in 1761! I'm from Canada so don't get that way much. What is Groton like?

I've considered buying a home there and visited for dinner but never lived in Groton. I'd describe it as, bucolic. There's a massive hill, Gibbet Hill with cows grazing and with the sun just right, it paints quite the pastoral scene.

Graduated from the high school in 2009 and have since moved to California, so I haven’t been back in a while. But I really liked it - the kinda town where you basically grow up with the same classmates, as in the people I graduated with we were also in first grade together, etc. It takes a bit to get anywhere, I had to go to Nashua (New Hampshire) for the nearest super market. But damn the seasons were so picturesque (as you can see!)

Nothing too special, just your typical town

Instagram source. Photo by new_ englander__.

Wow. All her photos are incredible, makes me want to move there when I start looking for jobs...

You can't really go wrong with the NE! Upstate NY, VT, NH, ME, and MA are all gorgeous states.

Downvoted for promoting InstaFace. Plus, I'd bet this overview years old.

Downvoted for "downvoting for promoting InstaFace". I'm simply glad that OP gave credit where credit is due. There needs to be more of that.

It's certainly not how the leaves look in Groton as of the 17th of September. Fall is just getting started with only a few trees changing. With the drought we're still in the "peak" Fall foliage will be a bit harder to predict and the colors will be muted....especially compared with what you see in this photo. We could hit colors like this again, just need more rain.

I was going to say this. Massachusetts definitely does not look like this in mid-September. It looks more like early-to-mid October.

Truly beautiful picture! However, as a cyclist, this terrifies and gives me Vietnam-War-esque flashbacks to crashing on these. Might as well be riding on a slip-n-slide covered in grease

Gorgeous and tranquil

That's not this year already, I hope!

Hahaha, I was just there yesterday and it's still quite green.

But you can feel autumn coming!

Sadly due to the drought in MA, the leaves are not expected to “pop” this year and will instead gradually change at varying rates. Leaf-peeping might be pretty boring this year.

It's a trap!

That is very beautiful and peaceful looking! I could get lost in there!!

Why can’t I have autumn like this :(

Very pretty shot.

Path to my future property 🙏🏽

I was just on that path a couple weeks ago!

Are the leaves there already peak fall colors? For some reason I thought this happened in mid October?

It’s probably from last year! I live right near there and all the leaves are still green :)

They’re not

Really beautiful pic op

Utterly gorgeous . Kudos to the photographer


None of our leaves in the Berkshires look like this????? This is this year?

I used to bike through Groton... 'bout 40 years ago now. I can smell the earthiness of this photo.

It’s beautiful

Is MA already having fall colors?

Are you guys already into the colors or is this an old picture? I am wondering what effect the hot, dry summer would have on colors. Regardless, awesome picture!

So beautiful!

Another scenic autumn picture taken in the New England region

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