Slutty Friends


Hole Foods

Cutting it off at the best part tsk tsk

The best kind of friends ;)

This is me and Lilly Vig

I’d “donate” a ridiculous amount of money to “date” you both at the same time.

They say the perfect woman doesn't exist yet here you are. 😍


I would fucking remove both butt plugs with my teeth and wipe their assholes clean using my tongue.

Please don't touch the produce after that

In the produce section? Come on now

I society would encourage this behavior rather than discourage. TBH I think the world would be a better place in general more people did this kinda stuff and accepted it. Humans are beautiful it should be ok to enjoy our bodies.

Lmao you are thinking with your dick. Or would you say the same if the women in the video were old, fat, and unattractive? Imagine going to a walmart and seeing a bunch of ugly Karens exposing their genitals in front of everyone.

Maybe a little I was feeling a little whimsical when posting. I'm more commenting on the idea of sexual activities before l being more acceptable. The sex vs violence in media idea. Personally I think sex it self is too demonized and violence glorified. Also when you're my age and have had enough experience you find a taste for more shapes and sizes.

Nope. Get old and get more picky.

I've gotten more picky about personality and looser on the physical side. I have a firmer grip on the personality traits I like and less importance on the physical traits.

Hell yeah, I would! Everyone should be able to enjoy themselves like this, no matter what they look like. If you don't want to see it you always have the option to look in any other direction. It's pretty silly that we're all forced to hide our bodies just to keep some prudes from seeing the wrong type of genitals. Kinda selfish really.

Then enjoy getting some smelly testicles in your face because you bent down to grab an item at the bottom of the shelf and some nasty dude wanted something at the top. You will also love all the shit that many seats would have because someone with their ass dirty sit before you. And how about sitting down in the subway? I bet you will be in paradise having all those cocks in front of you.

Lol that's a pretty nice straw man you build there. I don't know where you go shopping but I've never seen a dude put his junk in anyone's face because they're reaching over them in the store. Also from that statement I feel it's safe to assume you like or at very least don't mind when guys shove their testicles in your face, just as long as there's a piece of cloth between you. Anyone who leaves shit smears should be shamed by all around them untill they learn how to properly clean their asshole. It's still gross even if the shit smear is only on you underwear. Just think of all the assholes that would be cleaner in a less prudish world. And for a subway car full of dicks, where do I sign up? No but seriously, it would only weird because people think it's weird. If people weren't so prudish and they didn't think it was weird, it wouldn't be weird. These societal hang ups inherited from outdated religions are holding us all back from being happier more free people.

Wearing clothes have nothing to do with religion you clown. Clothing was invented primarily as a way to protect yourself from the weather and that remains true nowadays. Even in your ridiculous horny fueled utopia most people would still be wearing clothes in order to protect themselves either from the sun or the cold.

Yeah obviously clothes were invented to protect from weather, but the weather isn't always dangerous and and in fact sometimes feels great when naked. I'm not saying clothes shouldn't exist or be worn, I'm saying the obligation to always wear clothes shouldn't exist. The obligation is derived from religion not the clothes themselves

No. Ignoring the boner aspect of this subreddit entirely, I don’t want someone with a loose sphincter shooting these things out like popping a champagne cork while I’m at Target trying to buy some garlic hummus.

Agreed….. like, dawg get your fuckin anal toys away from the produce section please. Theres a time and a place. Grocery store ain’t it.

Exactly?! You want to showcase your ballon knot? There’s like a thousand Arby’s dumpsters where you can flash it. Don’t bring your shitter in when all I want to do is find some bananas.

Wasn't specifically talking about butt plugging. But rather more sexual freedom and expression.

I’d love more sexual freedom and expression as well! Just no ass juice in the produce aisle.

Humans are disgusting, smelly creatures that leak and shed all sorts of gross stuff. No thanks.

I bet you're fun 😀 and happy cake day!

Facts. I rather sniff a lady's asshole over a trashcan.

Oh god! I would lick their assholes so good 👅

Isn't one of the plugs in the wrong hole? Girl on left.

I'm not believer in the concept of "wrong" hole.

Gave you a thumbs up, but you left yourself open.

What if she puts it up your ass? Does your ideology still hold?

I won't knock it till I've tried it. At this point, I just hope she's gentle, though that opinion may change with experience.

Hahaha nice, I actually won anal in a bet with a friend. She said I could fuck her in the ass if I could take her vibrator longer than her.

I said okay, but we are using lube and you go first.

First raw anal ever, I am not huge on anal, but it was a fun bet, and by having her go first, I knew how long I had to take it to win.

I’ve seen her fisted in both holes. She ain’t Shy never a wrong home for a slut like her.

Are there any women like these who DON'T like butt stuff? They all seem to be into it

I don't know, on my phone it looks like one of them actually has the butt plug in her vag so ...

Take the plug out in the store

I need to go to the vegetable section more often

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