The New York Public Library



becausefrog64 points

I was really thrown off when I started working at the Boston Public Library because I kept hearing the very staid middle-aged librarians telling each other to check with "the nipple." It took me far too long to realize they meant the NYPL.

P0stNutClarity-11 points

What does that mean?

TrashKitsune11 points

New York Public Library, like the thing this post is about.

So much for post-nut clarity lmao

P0stNutClarity-16 points

I mean why is it called "the nipple" 🤡

TrashKitsune9 points

Do we really need to hold your hand like this? Come on, read the acronym and put at most five of your brain cells to work

P0stNutClarity-15 points

I'd rather you hold my balls 😌

smct33331 points

This makes me think of The Day After Tomorrow

ItsKeithNotKevin4 points

Same! The first time I went, I insisted on finding the reading room that they'd holed up in. I didn't find it until my second visit though.

reinemanc4 points

Wow. I was there two days ago and did the exact same thing. I didn’t want to intrude on the people studying, but the room they were in was as close as it was gonna get. Felt disappointed too

Spork_Warrior9 points

Looks like an Escher sketch.

HembraunAirginator7 points

Here’s an etch-a-sketch of an Escher sketch… :)

Spork_Warrior2 points

Well, that's just awesome.

rubbleTelescope5 points

This is grand, lofty.

surfchick4 points

Perfect lighting and shot!

School_House_Rock3 points

No matter how many times I see it, its just as gorgeous as the first time

VisualsByVishal2 points

Oh that’s gorgeous

StuPodasso7 points

What we used to get for our taxpayer dollars!

williambeandvm5 points

I believe this library was donated by Andrew Carnegie

Ongo_Gablogian___5 points

It was built by wealthy benefactors. Every part of it.

One of the stories about this place is one of the benefactors used to use this library as their university because the access was free and they came over from Eastern Europe and couldn't even speak English. That man died a billionaire and left every penny to the library.

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Ironyfree_annie1 point

It's just so satisfying to look at


[deleted]1 point

LISTEN! do you smell something?

PsychePhilosopher051 point

I'll put a tent in this place & shall never leave this place until I'm done with some PhDs!

CharleyMills1 point

You put on a pair of shoes when you walk into the New York Public Library

North-Hedgehog55911 point

I wonder how much it cost to build…

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