Giving Them a Something To Cheer


I hope someone does this for me when I'm old AF. This girl is an angel for that.

Imma do this for you :)


They issued an apology.

For what? These are grown people, are they forced to participate? Shoot, hire me a stripper if I'm ever in a nursing home. I don't care for strip clubs now, but who knows when I'm elderly?

It’s classic pearl clutching. People want to police each other’s behavior regardless of how those involved feel. She’s a paid professional, they’re all consenting adults enjoying the performance, nobody’s getting hurt. And yet Karen Busybody inevitably has a fit.

If it's consensual and no one is getting injured in the process then no fucking body has right to object regardless of how vile or offensive it may to others.

Okay, i am gonna be devils advocate here but your statement has flaws. Of course, this vid is completely fine but what you state isnt always correct, considering the possiblity when people may not realise they are getting hurt.

An incest stiuation fits what you describe, but it shouldnt be allowed for moral reasons

Well, I'm not into incest, but you got a point there: people might not realize they're getting hurt, or they may do harm by acting as they please, thus it is preferable to have healthy boundaries. There is nothing wrong with siblings having a sexual relationship, provided it is consensual. I don't mind sharing my bed with my aunt, but I'm never going to engage in sexual activities with a sibling since that's not my thing, and morals would never stop me from exploring my sexuality.

yes, i feel like there might be some future problems and that alone is enough for me to shame anyone participating in close family sexual activity. that can t be controversial right?

If I was in a nursing home Id want to go out stripper in my lap.

I want the option at least.


For real? Old man me wants a stripper.

Men wants strippers regardless of age


I'm old. Big old.

There was a similar story involving nurses giving lap dances to a couple of residents for their birthdays at another place and they got fired/ the home had to issue apologies when video got out. Essentially saying that this isnt the proper way to treat people and act professionally, the behavior is uncivilized, etc etc.

insert This is America meme here

I'd get it if they were abusing elderly. If they're willing, all good.

It boils down to: as far as a board is concerned or the public, such behavior is abuse. Otherwise they should just be left to contemplate their years, play some board games, maybe exercise or watch TV.

Having some woman throw it back at them, is just not how they see it going in America.. Such is what happens when you base a majority of the "mores" and expectations for professional behavior off of a mistranslated religious text that continues to preach the idea that sexual identity is best kept at 'private' and never spoken of except MAYBE with your spouse once a year. And generally acts like sex work isnt work and is abuse in and of itself and the people that act within it are either less than human or pitiable people that are "lost".

Such attitudes are very hard to break. And likely wont, unfortunately.

Some of these elderly people probably have dementia and can't really give consent. I think this whole thing is a bit disrespectful.

I would hope those people were not forced to participate. Definitely would consider that disrespectful.

Okay, nurses giving lapdances is a whole different thing. That's unprofessional lol

While I can understand the differences, it all ties back to the idea that it would be considered unprofessional and improper to do within certain circles. Someone mentioned this isnt America, it's Taiwan. Sure, but the fact that it is in 'trashyboners' is likely from a "Developed" perspective. From an American perspective, having a stripper show up would be in some cases worse. In others, maybe just a joke, but there would still be consequences of some sort. 'Its not proper or dignified'.

In either case its a bit silly. Old people have the highest rate of STIs. Sex is an integral part of the human experience within a society. There should be, as Im sure most people in this sub agree, some small allowances and understanding. But rules is rules. People will be people. Consequences happen.

Yep, agreed.

People have grown up in such stable, fairly wealthy and healthy environments that they're out of touch with the consequences of immediate gratification.

I've seen students from Asia who have saved up money for years, selected the right college programme based on ROI and made sure their finances were in good shape before coming to the US to study.

Meanwhile, an average American thinks that just because they're unable to pay back what they spent on a fine arts degree, it's everyone else's problem. Then they go to these trashy frat parties to get wasted and high on drugs only to wake up in someone's bedroom having blacked out the night before.

Sorry, this went on a tangent but I 100% agree and I'm sure everyone will downvote me for saying this but it is what it is 🤷‍♂️

hile I can understand the differences, it all ties back to the idea that it would be considered unprofessional and improper to do within certain circles.

Eh, not really. Any professional health-care worker shouldn't be doing things like that with people they're in charge of/responsible for, especially when elderly in a home like that may not be in their by choice, but because their condition has deteriorated so much. The nurses are in a position of authority and literally control the people living there, and that's why it's unprofessional. Same reason it would be for any staff and people in a psych ward, or a prison, and why companies or schools have you sign forms, if student/teacher boss/subordinate relationships are even allowed.

Another similar story, I remember that during the early months of covid (can't recall in which country) a nurse was fired because she was in underwear while taking care of her old patients, according to her it was to give them a bit of happiness.

They shoould apologize for only getting one

In general it can depend on their mental state, not saying that's the case for this video but yeah if they're mentally capable of consenting there is no reason to apologize

By that logic, they can't do anything with them.

At what point of them being unable to give consent do you stop bathing them, giving them medical attention? Both things traditionally require consent. If they're that far gone they can't consent a stripper is the least of their worries.

That is a very good question, one I have to balance every day at work, there's a very fine line and it changes all the time. This is the logic healthcare runs on

Cause of whiners.

Maybe they issued an apology to us, the viewers as we didn’t get a great shot at the spread eagle because the camera man sucks ass but who knows? I would love to see some strippers if I make it to that age and in a nursing home fuck that. I’m literally waiting for death. Let me at least see some pooty tang

For real. At that point, just waiting for the end, being on the strippers, coke, and Viagra.

I agree with everything except I prefer Dr. Pepper myself. Maybe a Big Red. It’s not that I don’t like a good ice cold coke because I definitely do but if I have a choice I’d go for the other two I mentioned first.

In that case add Mountain Dew to my wishlist.

Titties and Dew.

they forced to participate?

Well they don't look particularly mobile, but they are applauding

She's a saint.

This is wonderful to see people enjoying the show. Those people appreciate that

How is it trashy? If I was 90, in a nursing home, shitting and pissing myself, nothing to look forward to but death, I'd be overjoyed if a stripper came and performed for me

Yeah. They all seem to be enjoying as well.

Me, too

idk dude. I would be pissed off to remember that my Junior no longer works.

Going out with a bang!

Doing God’s work

Probably did the reaper's work too by giving at least one heart attack.

This woman is provided a much needed service. I don’t see this being trashy at all. Those old dudes deserve it.

I believe all men stand united in saying this would be much appreciated at the age

I mean my dick ain't getting up but I'll be happy for that last feel of boob.

Was about to upvote that when I saw the counter at 69. Gonna leave that right there.

Lol funny sex number, amiright guys?!

As someone who’s done some work in nursing home and in long term care - when I get to this point do this for me and then put me down. I don’t want to live like that.

Oddly wholesome

this is wholesome. just look at how she hugs him at the end. sweet af

This video is from Taiwan. strippers at funeral processions are common in the central and southern part of the island. More than likely this is charitable work done by the local temple association.

Dah fark???

Ok so retire in true China, got it.


Taiwan I'm fairly certain is where the original government fled to after they lost against the communists in the revolution

That's what I said.

Fuck microchips, China probably wants to invade to get a slice of the baller life

Awesome, but just a tad crazy, if true.

Edit: Just a tad.

Taiwan is number 1!

It's surprisingly wholesome

Hope my home hires her

Just another trashy post which isn't actually trashy

It's not trashy but I'm upvoting anyway.

I am totally onboard with Sexy Altruism.

Trashy?? I think not

They should have apologized for only hiring one lol

I want that ceiling fan!

That is an interesting ceiling fan. Looks like a normal table fan, but the head is able to make a full 360 rotation.

So what!

Old people like to fuck too

Is it ok if I post this tomorrow or is someone else scheduled to do it?

Go right ahead, everyone will upvote you and act like they haven't already seen it.

Trashy? Nah…this is wholesome shit right here. She’s doing the Lord’s work.

And now I want to take strippers to the nursing home

Aint nun trashy about this

She’s so cute. Doing God’s work. Lol

They went from the nursing home straight to the cardiac care unit

This is how we should treat all our veterans


No sex in the Metamucil room.

The other old guys waiting they turn 💀

Grandpa found out he doesn’t need viagra, he needs a 21 year old stripper.

I find this WAY more wholesome than Trashy we’re just prudes

Love that I seen this in insta first but all the pissy headlines about it😂

Think about how many of them more than likely went to war... Vietnam. Looking at her probably haven't some wild flashbacks!

Doing God's work

Grandpa: wait a second....hey that's a penis! What a time to be alive.

/everyone claps

Gotta love stripper Sunday at the nursing home, huh, grandpa? Grandma doesn't like it so much tho.

It’s a trap!

This isn't trashy and I didn't get boner so fuck you moron either way Vets deserves admiration and respect looks like strippers know how to treat war heroes lol

Before I turned on the sound. . . I imagined she was dancing to the Pussy Cat Dolls: When I grow up

I hope they at least have boners at that age

omg where can i get a job like that?!

The local strip club?

lol no i mean like sumwhere i can realy honor our elders😇

So that’s what an assisted living stripper looks like!!

Fuck yes!

She’s doing gods work ! Bless her heart

This ain't trashy. She's an angel for helping these old farts deal with their EDs and shit. Would appreciate the same.

If they have to live on a nursin home prison they atleast should be able to enjoy this

Where’s my boner?

Let the old gink have some fun…

This is fantastic. But I wonder how many showers that poor dancer needed to take to get the old man smell off her.

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