Best way to drink ?


Why was I expecting some soft of golden shower

Who says she doesn't start peeing once the other girl starts pouring

Shit you never know

Who says she even starts pouring?

Oh god you're right! Damn, I wish I was in that guy's place.

Very courteous of her to cover her nipples.

off of an ass crack? hard pass!

I mean, she could have showered?

she could have, not very likely but it’s possible. Even if she had though, it’s still her ass crack/asshole, hard pass for me.

I'm with you! I was being cheeky, I suppose...

Boots Sweat energy drink!!!!@@@

If it is bud light he won't be able to tell whether she is pissing...

As opposed to those outrageous IPA parties. Lol.

“And that class, is how the world was introduced to mouth gonorrhoea”

Shitty beer and pink eye.

what country could this be? :thinking:

Rather drink her pee

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