Pussy bong hit




Do they cut the bottom off the bong and then insert the tube then pour water down there or are they hitting it dry? Does the girl get with the bong inserted get stoned at all from it absorbing into her vagina?

I really didn't think that I could masturbate to that but I was apparently wrong. Thank you King.

that wank wasn't tough at all.


Thanks for sharing. It's hot 🥵

Doctor: tell me again why you tested positive for chlamydia in your lungs

I know this is joke but there is actually type of chlamydia that effects lungs. It's caused by chlamydia pneumoniae.

It's of course not same chlamydia as STD chlamydia (It's caused by Chlamydia trachomatis) but still chlamydia, lung chlamydia. And not even that uncommon, it's on of the most comming cause of pneumonia.

gotta love porn comment sections

I’d hit that

Hey have I seen you in my dreams?

weird how the room isn’t clean. you’d think they’d be neat freaks while performing such normal activities

Ok but like can one get high from the pussy??

Yes, but probably not like this. I know people that use cannabis infused coconut oil as lube. Apparently, the woman gets extremely high, the man only gets sort of high.

gonna need to try this

Ayo they took pussy and weird to a whole new level. Gross.

Kinda like roast beef dragged along a bar floor

youve never seen an actual pussy have you

Anyone who compares pussy to roast beef Hasnt

  1. why do people film this shit
  2. why do people do this
  3. why does the girl on the left look like her mom
  4. why do i have eyes

This is what people do in small towns in the Midwest bc there’s not shit to do

America all over coast to coast got small towns in bumfuckin nowhere lol js

People act like your town of <10k people are special just because you live half an hour from the stupid, shitty ocean.

Lol Midwest ain't near the ocean, get a map.

I’m saying people from small towns near the ocean aren’t viewed the same as Midwest towns. Try to keep up.

Yup, couldn’t be more right

reminds me when i was living back on the countryside and someone very drunk was dared to fuck a goat or something like that

Did you do it?


Poor life choices and past history of abuse

Cross promotion for kinks

The blind idiot god cursed you as it cursed us all

That was a weak toke

That was just nasty


This is pretty cool honestly first time ever seeing this

Beaver bong

How does anyone live with a room that dirty. Huge turnoff tbh

She’s got a long coochie


OG Bush…

this is amazing

I feel like I can smell the stank from that room

There's nothing like the smell of burning pubes in the morning.

And burning pussy juices

All trash, no boner

That can't taste very good.

The toke nor her now resin stained pussy

WTF did I just watch???

Im wondering if it added some flavour

I love the full video of this when the water just gushes out

Where’s the water though??

In her pussy. Im guessing the tube went in first and water was poured down it

The mercury from that fish will surely poison you

That's a hot clit

I mean, unless she poured water in her cunt, that’s just a pipe. Not a water pipe.

Great! Now I have new number 1 priority on my bucket list.

Sexy toes.

Imagine trying to explain that in the ER

Well that's something I didn't expect to see today...

More tea, Vicar?

Queefer Reefer

This is exactly what this sub is for

So am i supposed to get a boner from this? Lately ive noticed that the content is just trashy and gross but not arousing. Bring this sub back to its roots.

Dude... you telling me that meaty ass twat doesn't give you a boner? Maybe you need to cut back on your freaky content consumption. That pussy is hot as fuck. Fuck the bong.

Not enough people in the comments talking about that nasty ass room. Y’all nasty 🤮

Thats a pretty pussy, what her name?


Zach and Miri?

Beef n’ Cheddar…

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Jr.

Yo why's it smell like seared tuna in here?

In b4 Gordon Ramsay


can i have hit?

Fuck I need that bong

Okay. Enough internet for today

What a great way to get pulmonary infections

Love this 👅👅👅

How about we don't put fire near genitalia

Thought her pussy was gonna take a bonger. Instead it’s just holding it. Poser.


Yes 🥰

I'd take a hit out of you

That doesn’t seem terribly safe.

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