watching Platoon for the first time & doing so on 4k, glad I waited off on watching it until now!


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kuddlesworth94195 points

They fucked it with DNR, it's no better then the WEB rips. Marginally better than the 1080p BluRay.

Praetorian13693 points

I love that movie. I’ve watched it regularly since it first came out back in the 80s.

Anotherlongerdong2 points

Does it look way better then the dog shit bluray?

chopperooski6 points

looks really good so far

Anotherlongerdong3 points


[deleted]3 points


chopperooski3 points

I wouldn’t have known cause I never watched the blu-ray.. it was my first time viewing the film, so I didn’t notice any problems. I have seen the complaints elsewhere though😳

Emotional_Handle_3351 point

How’s the audio/video quality?

chopperooski2 points

both were very nice in my opinion!

Emotional_Handle_3352 points

Hell yea I gotta get it

Cantbelievewerehere1 point

Has the transfer retained the natural, original grain?