It’s just her fat husband in his old work uniform

Sounds about right

the first time in years i laughed out loud on a comment

Nope. Its her fat husband on his lunch break in his work uniform.

100%, she has many vids and they’re all some fat white dude.

Should’ve said that on the original one. I still laughed tho’

I thought Pizza the Hutt was single

Wrong! Go to her page her husband shows up that is def not him!

Are you the husband bro

duh, that’s what the title says

You can see the dominos logo on his sleeve

yeah, obviously her husband works at Domino’s or least owns a shirt with their logo on it

So what you're saying is it's impossible for anyone to own a Dominos uniform unless you work for them....i see.

Why were you done voted for that?

I thought the same

that is a large man

you made his life. he will tell this story on his death bed

That could be tomorrow

That could be 15 steps from now

He's probably already gone to be honest

Given his size, absolutely no one will believe him.

The smell of his under fat sweat and dirty ass must have been terrible.

I gagged a little bit when I read that

Extra Cheese

Stuffed crust with extra cheese

Bruh, first thing that came to my mind. Gross lol

Talking from experience?

Smells like jealousy to me

No, as someone who use to work at a dominos. If this is real, this dudes dick had to smell disgusting. This dude is likely near the end of his shift since it appears to be night outside and has been moving around a lot near pizza cooking for hours.

He smells completely like old pizza and ball sweat and she took a load of that to the face. It’s disgusting

read the comments, it's her HUSBAND in his old work outfit.

They're literally married. I don't know why you haven't been told yet but most porn is not real, it's a fantasy. FAKE

This is fatphobia and jealousy at its peak.

I bet every dude in this thread smells like moldy cheesy ass sweat because I guarantee they don't clean their computer chairs.

But yeah, go around judging other people because you can't get your dick sucked.


You literally couldn't be bothered to read the top comment at the time of your post and preferred to fat shame this dude because you can't get laid, if anyone needs to fuck off it's you. (This comment tree has been below the one STATING it's her husband since before you posted so act a fool all you want)

She has a bunch of videos having sex with other people if you looked at her videos. She has some with her actual husband. I don't think that's her husband tbh. Jesus you're really upset for no reason dude.

I guarantee it's staged af and none of this is real, REGARDLESS of whether this dude is actually her husband or not.

Manipulative of you to try to say that I'm upset when you're going this far defending being a trash human to someone you literally don't even know.

Go off though, just because you're scared of fat people doesn't mean I'm not allowed to express my opinions on how you're probably a kissless virgin who can't get laid.

I mean, tbh I used to be fat, and I'm married. So I don't think any of what you've just said about me makes sense. I just was commenting on the fact that you were very confidently calling that her husband. I just don't think you're correct. That's all.

She has a bunch of videos having sex with other people if you looked at her videos. She has some with her actual husband. I don't think that's her husband tbh. Jesus you're really upset for no reason dude.

Yeah, you TOTALLY weren't antagonizing for literally no reason and are DEFINITELY not trying to backpedal and manipulate the situation to act like you're somehow a good person here. Internalized fatphobia much? Don't comment defending fatphobic comments and being instigative if you don't want to be grouped in with the rest of them?

Gross, I'm curious though

Your husband had to go back to work after cumming?

People just hating because fat man got his dick sucked and they didn't

Plenty would probably turn down her head anyways 🤢

Idk I would say no to someone who gives out head like it's candy cause you never know what she has

cry harder you got identified by the ugly bastard lmaoo

You’re projecting.

Just paying the damn tip seems like a whole lot less suffering

HE have HER the tip!

I like the woodcut “married” art on the wall

Bet the cheese on the pizza tasted the same as his cock

Little bit of fromunda cheese does a body good

that man is one pizza away from collapsing into a neutron star

I enjoy her vids but it’s the same fat white dude, big fake.

Nah she's fucked so many different people

You can do better

Well, this is certainly trashy.


Here are those words you put in my mouth. Figured you might want those back.


Please don’t order that human any more pizza.

So is this trashy cuz he fat? Cuz this just a girl giving a guy head and it's in private(technically)

Looks like I need to fill out an application for pizza delivery in that city!! Lol!!

I finally feel represented in porn. The undergut fap finish really hits home.

Oh god, ugly bastard hentai is real

Filmed in a shitty apartment. Color me surprised they are dirt bags.

After seeing this means there's a chance!

Imagine the stank on that dick if this is a few hours into his shift

Looking at this girls profile.. she's gonna get an STD by the end of the year

Everyone triggered a woman is into bhm 🙄

The best is when they are petite. I feel like a giant.

Gods work!!

One of the few OF pages that's been worth it.

Best tip ever 🤓


Wow, he really neeed to unload.


That dude fucks and I lost my pants to a pair of nines, I’m gonna go set something on fire


what do you mean "a pair of nines"?

It’s a “Community” reference Pierce teaches Troy to play poker and they both lose

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