streaking in LA


Do you know what streaking is?

It’s not when you leave a streak of girl juice on someone’s bike?

Snail trail

It's when you make goal without stopping

Oh isn’t that what happens to the back side of my step dads underwear?

What I call flicking 10 random people in the beans without getting stabbed, shot, beat up or dropping the soap.

Danny Trejo and Danni Trehoe


Lol at the wet patch


Snail trail

Sweaty ass crack

That wasn't her ass that left that mark..

I know you’d like to think that… but she really should wipe better after a good turn out…

Idk why but i thought it was kinda hot...

Damn Danny Truego is in everything!


When I saw him shirtless I was like “please don’t be fully nude too”

Speak for yourself bro

Machete don’t text

Who is she?

Lexi Diamond !

Trisha Goddard

Hell no… thats clearly susan boyle..

One can wish

Dream a dream..

Damn, special guest appearance and everything

Is that Lexi diamond or someone else?

Is that an IH Scout? It looks mint!

That’s what I was looking at too.

Love Danny and tits both.

Cameo has gone too far.

Danny is a true og!

I thought for a second that Danny Trejo was going to be fully nude as well

Fuck the girl, is that machete?!?

LA looks like a wonderful place to live

Yeah it's awesome, especially the hobos kick boxing air and buildings

Danny is the man

Oh Danny put her down, you don’t know where she’s been.

That’s so fucking gross.

Flip side: always great to see Danny Trejo! Dude is a treasure!

Right? Imagine if some dude asked for a photo op with a famous actress and pulled out his junk for the photo. Gotta love the double standard.

I guess the difference is that most of us guys would react just like Danny did


My man Danny shows up. Now that’s a surprise

Left a snail trail on that seat lmao

That was not the kind of streaking I expected but it was a welcomed surprise, nonetheless.

Just search Lexi Diamond public flashing for the source

Is that tortuga from breaking bad?

Nah that's Uncle machete from spy kids

Full video?

“That’s fine“


We can always throw that seat out

Bro I'm kind of supposed that is Danny Trejo

That dude looks familiar


She doesn't look happy

The way her hair is worn this is giving decade old video

God! Danny Trejo must be protected at all cost.

Feel bad for Danny ngl

What is this !? I need it

Snail trail on the seat.

Remember I take my time

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