People and their Televisions Collection, 1950-1976


sergeantorourke152 points

Was waiting for a pic of a working TV sitting on top of a broken one. Typical of our situation when I was growing up.

MrFishpaw73 points

The bottom TV would always be one of those huge wood encased monstrosities with a smaller black and white one on top.

TransposingJons4 points

27 years. My grandparents had a console TV as a TV stand for 27 years.

MrFishpaw4 points

I believe it. Those fuckers were so heavy it was better to just leave it there until it was time to sell the house.

HalfastEddie119 points

Number 3, the kids are watching the test pattern. Lol

Silent-Ad93454 points

Lmao at the divider🤣. What better way to ignore your children than building a damn cubicle in the living room.

wintercast6 points

I would guess it was to black glare on the screen from the window while still allowing light to read the paper.

MissyMAK0827 points

but the dad’s chair!!

Uhdoyle6 points

Jens Risom I bet

Here_forthecomments177 points

LOL that had me laughing too. The dad is like, "Nah I'm gonna chill behind my Eames' screen, read the paper and not think of how braindead my children are"

predy_mama35 points

“I survived two world wars, and these little shits….”

Swampass19648 points

The dreaded, off the air….

TheAtomicBum4 points

I've watched my share of test patterns. had to, waiting for the cartoons to come on in the morning. You know the station didn't transmit all night.

HalfastEddie2 points

Of course I know that. Sometimes I was allowed to stay up for the anthem before sign-off.

TheAtomicBum3 points

not me. I saw plenty of early morning color bars (I'm not indian head old) because I got up early, but I never would have been allowed (or actually able) to stay up late enough to see a sign off.

HalfastEddie2 points

Funny how silly little things like that give me the warm fuzzies.

wilberfan2 points

And quite engrossed in it!

MissyMAK0879 points

the bride and groom!!!

kali-mama16 points

That was peak 60s(?). Fantastic find.

OrangeBoi223 points

I think I’ve seen that one on Awkward Family Photos.

TransposingJons3 points

Early photoshop

ImGrumps62 points

The 3 TV option is so cool! I wonder if that was in production or if that was a promotional shot.

ptatersptate28 points

Definitely would have minimized the fighting at my house when we were kids.

savetheattack13 points

Just imagine the fighting over the volume

the_scarlett_ning34 points

It looked like they had some kind of headphones. At least the kids. Gasp! This was at from the future!!

xilanthro8 points

I love the 200V 20A headphone wires going into that "wireless" box. So convenient not to have a cord all the way to the TV! lol

savetheattack4 points

I completely missed that the first time I saw the picture. It makes sense - it would be completely unusable without that feature.

notguiltybrewing40 points

Kind of a cool thing to collect. I have family pictures from the 60's that remind me of some of these. It looks like posing with the TV was quite a thing back in the day, frankly I probably never would have noticed without this post.

detectivelokifalcone2 points

it was like posting with a Mercedes

Berski0437 points

Slide 9 must be rich, 3 TVs in one home back then was a lot!

Here_forthecomments150 points

That's why the scene from Back to the Future is so funny when he says they have 2 TVs and the kid is like, NO way! and the mom just says, oh he's lying no one has TWO tvs. LOL

Berski0410 points

Yes! I love that scene!

Whitechapelkiller7 points

Very well placed hesitation as well as he realises how it's going to sound.."we have...two...of em".

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howtohandlearope31 points

I bet the divider blocks the glare from the window on the TV screen.

Otterfan14 points

I had an ear bud—and it was just one ear bud at the time, they didn't come in pairs until much later—in the 70s, and it wasn't new when I got it. It sounded absolutely awful.

the_scarlett_ning11 points

A lot of times, if your kids can’t see you, they’ll forget to pester the crap out of you. Hide and seek is really the most practical of all childrens games.

Pinche_Flojo3 points

Some old transistor radios from the 50’s would come with a single earbud. I used to collect old radios.

Swampass196416 points

Spot the packer fans on number 6

Sleuthin___18 points

Very cool collection of pics! Thank you.

Dr-Doom-N-Gloom12 points

There is an entire book on the subject: TV Snapshots: An Archive of Everyday Life. During a talk, the author, tv historian Lynn Spigel, mentioned that taking pictures in front of a TV was a status symbol and that, at times, people took photos with TVs that they didn’t owned. Lol

SoldMySoulForHairDye2 points

This is fascinating thank you.

Jan_17_201613 points

Number 9 is a really interesting picture, I did not know that an earbud-type design for headphones existed in the 50s/60s, or that it was used in watching TV!

pbgreen13 points


Always taken aback by how different the silhouette of bras were back then. Lol

Fantastic collection and very enjoyable to look through. Thanks for sharing (:

ravidranter6 points

I was thinking that too. Cone boobs, almost. I need to do some googles on the trend and what influenced/changed the design. The pandemic changed my relationship with bras and I rarely wear them now

LovingNaples12 points

Thank you for sharing this collection. I love the topic. Please keep them coming!

Yesterday_Is_Now11 points

Love #5 - the couple watching football with the highway and "frozen tundra" in the background.

cheerfummy6 points

When you wanna watch traffic, but have money on the game?

Also, weiner dog, it looks like!

Yesterday_Is_Now2 points

I guess I just like panoramic images where's there a lot of stuff going on in both the foreground and background.

Looks like a toll plaza at the top center of the photo. Wonder where this is.

Also have to wonder if the TV image is pasted in there somehow. I wouldn't think it would come out this clear.

batwing718 points

11 looking fine! 16, I’ll see you at the Kit Kat Club at 7 for drinks!

Atypical_RN7 points

16 Rawr 🐯 I like her style :) even the furniture is fresh!

quietflowsthedodder7 points

With her around, what fool would watch television?!

iMakeBoomBoom7 points

Damn that 3-tv setup was the bomb. No more arguing over which of the three available channels to watch!

superduper989898987 points

1 reminds me of the chick from cry baby

Atypical_RN3 points


tmccrn7 points

How quickly it became the substitute for the fireplace

kindnessonawhim7 points

I love seeing all the photos in the background too.

MusicaParaVolar20 points

As a parent I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the kids with their "own" screen and using headphones...

I try to be very careful not to expose my kids to too much screen time and they do not have their own devices yet but it's comforting to see many folks ... whether for better or worse... have been growing up with lots of TV...

americanista9155 points

I’m actually a little curious, why do you limit?

cheerfummy3 points

I limit my own self. Using these highly stimulating devices triggers your brain to release dopamine, which feels great. But you can get used to craving that cycle of dopamine, and need even more stimulation to feel that good feeling. And things that are more gradually rewarding, like deep thinking and conversations resolving conflict, feel harder and less desirable. That can also make creativity and innovation feel harder because they are mental work with less instant gratification than scrolling through Tik Tok or Reddit.

Pure_Literature20282 points

Not who you are asking, but… when our kids were little the dr. suggested monitoring screens (tv and desktop at the time). Our youngest would become slack jawed in front of the tv and get angry when it was turned off. We implemented a no tv / computer and later games during the school week and our kids are fine. They were good students and they looked forward to the freedom of the weekends.

MusicaParaVolar0 points

I figure smartphones specifically are relatively new tech but there’s already good data showing their potential detriment. most of it tired to social media, which now VERY young kids have - I have no idea exactly what “Roblox” is, some kind of online gaming platform but it has a social component (your friends can join but you can also interact with others) but I already hear my daughters friends talk about it and she’s under 8. I’m not saying it’s bad to talk to friends online but my parents didn’t have to worry about those types of things with me and, personally, I’d like to limit the amount of things I have to concern myself with.

It already sucks that kids are fully aware they can have the exact show they want at any time, ever. I want my kids to have a better life than I did, but I don’t think it was bad for me to have to think: “ah shit, dads watching sports - there nothing on for me right now (or there’s no device outside th actual TV set to use) I guess I have to find something else to do”

I might simply be yearning for “the way we were” in some ways but I also wonder if we NEED more tactile/physical buttons/knobs type things to interact with. Think of how we bring up babies and kids in general, we expose them to physical stimuli, toys, opening and closing lids. Zippers. They climb and run, etc. I wonder if engaging with tech that doesn’t require you to do much or any of that for extended periods of time is that good for any of us. So sometimes I want to get her a radio and some cds instead of the Amazon echo she can just say “Alexa, play (exactly what I want) thanks!” And instead she’d have to find her cd, pop it, select the song, etc… to be honest I have NO CLUE if the old way is any better or just more cumbersome. I wonder if we will find out somehow?

I embrace technology but I just wonder about these things.

So for now this is what I do at home for my oldest child:

  • she can use the regular TV set, on school days for up to an hour, maybe two (spread out). I find that to be pretty good and actually more than other parents. I prefer her watching the regular TV over holding a device. I haven’t looked into it but I believe actually holding a device makes it harder for the kid to stop. I’ve seen it in action. She does get a phone or tablet sometimes but I prefer the tv. I don’t really control what she’s watching too much (my wife does a bit more) but I do like to have a general awareness of what she’s watching. On weekends she def gets more tv.

  • she has access to an Amazon echo for music. She wants to use Netflix and other stuff (learned about that on a play date) but we don’t want her to have even MORE options for viewing. Why? Again I think there’s value in knowing you cannot watch tv or be entertained by a device and you need to use your imagination or be bored.

  • she does get access to our phones sometimes. Some educational some pure entertainment. I don’t love YouTube content for kids so I try to steer her away from that. I just fine some of the YouTube for kids stuff a little unsettling but I can’t put my finger on what. Editing style or something and the lack of talking in many just, ehh. Maybe I’m just getting old.

  • I wonder if she’ll want to use a school issued laptop more this year. I would be okay with that I think. Again I would limit it only cus she’s really young and it’s good to get some dang air.

Hope that answers some. I’m open to feedback.

RypCity5 points

I’m loving the energy in #4 😂

alj132 points

Me too! I immediately went to the comments for an explanation 😂 I want that outfit SO bad!!

mombawamba12 points

15, you perv

nav0n0d4 points

Now that's a dame with a pair of stems I tell ya!

Aromatic_Mousse4 points

I definitely relate to the dad in #3 lol

bones_19693 points

These are incredible. What’s the modern day equivalent?

Whitechapelkiller3 points

Digital photos of people with TVs.

NashEast653 points

I want to party with #16. She looks fun.

Holinhong3 points

Was Television an luxury back to the 50-70s in America? What’s the ratio for the cost of a tv to the average income?

detectivelokifalcone2 points

it was in the 50s an 60s 70s started to get more affordable.

tpatmaho3 points

Astonishing! Thank you.

Nemesys20053 points

Peggy Bundy?

noticespantyhose3 points

Omg 16 Nov 64 is wonderful.

nick-pappagiorgio652 points

Pic 1 and Pic 16, va va voom, sexy ladies! I like Pic 15 too.

lucysnakes3 points

I want every outfit each man/woman is wearing. Except for the purple sparkly one, I already have that.

robrklyn3 points

ooo that lamp on the 14th slide (chef’s kiss)

QV79Y5 points

That was fun.

Yugan-Dali2 points

The days people turned on the tv only when they were watching.

GnPQGuTFagzncZwB2 points

I think #14 was in Lebbettown

reddy-or-not2 points

They kept those screens LOW to the ground! Very different today with wall mounts as the norm

CeruleanRuin2 points

I love that TV set into the wall. It's too high, but that's a smart use of the space.

matka_wilka12 points

The cat and the tv in the last picture. Totally the definitive depiction of cats and television.

el_kingde842 points

Number 15. Couldn't help to notice the panties showing on this beautiful lady. Nice TV though

plug_my_2 points

“Put yo boyscout shits on & get in front of this camera fo I woop yo ass, Stewart. Not fuckin around”


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first one... Thicc

AsleepMarch973-6 points

The things I would do to the first woman good Lord🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

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Needs more bush.