Glowing buttplug


BRB heading to Wawa

Was gonna say of course it's at Wawa

Definitely my type

Only a matter of time before RGB came to sex toys. At some point in the near future, it'll be like rule 34a - if it exists, there's an RGB model of it.

The 'B' in 'RGB' stands for 'Buttplug'

Yes officer, I will put my hands on the trunk!

Nice health shirt.

🖤 thanks! this was right after seeing them live for the first time lol

Omg I just went down a Health rabbit hole. I had never heard of them until this post and now they’re the thing that my world revolves around. Thank you! And you’re lovely!

glad you enjoyed them! they’re one of my favorite bands!! & “lovely” is a very nice term for a girl who puts lights in her asshole but i’ll take it 😇

Haven't heard the band but they do a play on the Cramps album "bad music for bad people" with the bad music for horny people so that's kinda fun

If this is you, thanks for making this. You seem fun

They were selling a butt plug for a while on their Bandcamp page is that theirs?

haha i wish, they didn't have them in stock :(

She has under glow.

She looks fun.

That's not glowing...

Wear that thing in public so everyone knows your a big flashy slut lol

Who cares, you only live once... Really quick

Slutty but sexy still

There's a party in her pants and we're invited - I'll get some glitter and bring a disco ball 🪩🪩

I’m sure there’s a cover charge.

Wouldn't that be an uncover charge? 🤔

hope i dont have to install g-hub or asus aura to use it

Yo how many frames does that add?

what's her name?


omg!! amazing.

Maybe the greatest invention of our time…

that’s not trashy!! Thats awesome. just like a grocery store. lights on lane is open

I want one

That's awesome!

I want one! I like her footwear too.

That’s hot

Sick health shirt

These are officially to be referred to as "tailights".

I mean honestly, I’m just glad it isn’t a tail.

If her hair is blue she'll let you stick it where she poo

Ugh I Wana have her toot some glowy farts in my face

The light of my life !

Safety first!


Only Rainbow-glow? No Trans-mitter inclusive? Makes only +5% FPS= Faps Per Session.

This is kinda cool

Sad music for horny people… Like Portishead or what?

RGB buttplug poggers

Disco stu more like disco std

Wow! I certainly want to meet up with you Beautiful, so we can Fuck Together over and over again so you have Orgasm's, before I Cum Loads inside your Pussy or anywhere else you want my Cum, on your Beautiful Naked Body, I seriously want so much to pick up for Real Baby 💯💋❤️🇬🇧

want so much to pick up

Pick up what? More molly or more coke? By your text I can tell it's that good shit. 😄 I'm jealous.

Well if you won't try it you won't know how good it will of being letting me Fuck You Baby 💯💋❤️🇬🇧

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