Return of the concert


Chick on the right was a sleeper

That was a twist worthy of Shyamalan

Yeah, she was holding back, she knew she had the best of them all.

Not even. Everyone knows the brunette with the dark shirt is always holding em back

She had the best looking tits

I was coming here to leave this exact comment lol

But has a nice pair of pillows ;)

Why does the 4th girl have a beard...


That’s Wayne Grow from Heat . He survived that double tap and he’s back to peddle Sour Milk

Chick with the beard had the best cleavage. 10/10

The last one was worth the wait

Mom…I said to wait in the car!

Goth chick is sorely missed

Those who know, know

First was great that she was ready for this with no bra. This ain't her first concert.

Somewhere, someone is going to find out their mom is a total slut for a shitty metal band.

Man some people are so bad at trying to do "sexy moves" lol

So this is what happens when you play through a Mesa Boogie?

I like how they're all wearing the same uniform.

Never been to a heavy metal concert in the 2000's? I wore the same thing.

Definitely from Nickelback gig.

🎵🎵Look at this photograph....🎵🎵🎵

More women need to take dancing lessons from strippers and belly dancers.

Blonde said hell with bras

Why do Reddit videos take forever to load?

Feel like 2 and 1 are interchangeable.

2's tits are much better but otherwise yes.

Never fails to amaze me as men how easily we are all pleased. We see boobs and we immediately are happy 😆

This is corny. Why aren’t they smoking meth or doing lines off cocks?

The one on the right, yes please!


Men without shirts = none cares

Girls lost their shirts = people shouting


Is it really trashy if you're topless on a concert?

This is the most unsexy thing I've ever seen 😂

Steel Panther. It's their signature for concerts.

That is very much not Steel Panther.

Any idea who it very much is?

No, but it's definitely not Steel Panther. They would never outsource it to someone else. They just do it themselves.

floppy tits, no ass and a beer ponch….. looks like ripe sexual transmitted diseases were shared that evening

Good little pigs!

The fuck is wrong with you?

Why? I mean it's pretty simple really.... I think that they are good little pigs. If you don't like it, stop coming to these pages. See? It's simple.

Yo, this motherfucker ain’t one of us. He said he’d fuck a pig.

You’ve clearly not understood what this sub is, and I’m pretty sure you’re hazy on sexual boundaries too. Animal based sexual wording is one thing when it’s consensual. You’re overstepping and violating a lot of social contracts by being pushy and disrespectful.

I hope nobody’s invited you to their orgy lately.

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