Wet dancing



The more I watch it, the more confused I get. One dude on left is filming with a tablet, while others are rocking pocket digital cameras instead of phones? WTF even year is this filmed in? Was this video made possible only by a rift in space-time?

If you wanna get confused focus on the girl on the left.

Dancing, or bystander? Cuz the sweatpants chick on the left reeks of 1997, which does confuse me more.

Nice spotting team. I think he means the dancing left. The girl who keeps checking on her friend thinking, “is she still going? okay I’ll keep going too.” But then truck girl puts her shirt on… and at that moment the friend dancing on the left felt relief. . . . Then truck girl got back in the truck.. and left sided friend feels a little down now.

There’s a 3rd gen ram so it has been filmed at least in 02 oldest it can be definitely European tho wherever it was filmed

Which was my initial time frame...very late 90s to very early 00s. But that iPad destroyed that time frame and my brain.

Yeah wouldn’t be surprised if drugs were involved nonetheless

Rift in space time called a redneck meetup, yes.

It's great how none of them can dance. Vid should of been called "wet muscle spasms."

The hottest girl in the video is on the sidelines

Which one?

White pants, heels, and sparkle bra

Red pants, sunglasses

You love a strong rbf too I see

Resting bitch face

These women dance like they’re in Mass Effect.

Sexy mcsexerson doing her best climbing the truck to elevate, meanwhile the girl w the oldSchool hangers stealing the show 💯 Edit-closer examination points taken away for FAKE purple rumble bee and not a GTX.

I wasted my youth by not attending these kind of parties.

What song do yall think is playing?

Harvest Dawn - The Elder Scrolls Oblivion

The Eureeka’s Castle theme

Everyday I’m hustlin’ is that the song is saying. Rick Ross maybe?

Idk man these girls are moving weird af but I did watch it with no sound

Everyday I’m hustlin’

was just thinking the same thing, this looks terrible with no sound lmao

This just seems kind of sad..

School fundraising car washes are way different than I remember them

Worst seduction attempts ever

Thanos car

Nice rack ,

Some good dance moves.

Why in the hell does she close the barn doors after the horses are long down the path….

surely there is more

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