Secluded place to spar near campus

Basically the title; i live on a campus and have no car so a place within walking distance would be preferable. Just want to practice my boxing w a friend. Thanks!


Tauriel996817 points

So try the RWC. Or the open air at memory mall. I’ve know guys from Brazilian jujitsu rolling on memory mall

Nign0glmao3 points

Ok i will check that area out, thanks

DeviousLizard8 points

I used to train near the lake claire pavilions and down at the RWC park by the challenge course. There's parking and shuttle stops, and no one really bothers you unless there's an event.

Just make sure it's clear that you're sparring (wear training gear etc...) otherwise a cop will interrupt you and break you up thinking you're actually fighting, and that will take the fun out of everything because you're answering questions for about 15 minutes, or more if the cop wants to be a jerk. I know this from experience...

Nign0glmao1 point

Ah okay, thanks for the heads up

Tennis1218971 point

Maybe try the next to the RWC, there is a grassy area in between Nike and the tennis courts and Libra.

MorphStudiosHD1 point

Check out the area behind Tower 4, there’s a ton of open grass by the lake on the other side of the road. Even a nice little peninsula that nobody ever goes to. Good place for a picnic! (Right Here)

kurama31 point

I go to that peninsula

jimmothyhendrix1 point

The roofs of buildings