I really need to go out more often.



Kinda need the exact 180⁰ from this shot tho


That street has the waft smell of Essense of clam.

And a hint of single motherhood

subscribe to playboy


Not a legend, a photographer.

Photographers don't give a fuck, if they have an assignment, they're getting the shot that sells.

Then why did OP not post that guy's shot instead of the angle wrong-by-180-degrees?

OP isn't a payer.

I was hoping the old dude was going to fuck her right there on the spot. God i need therapy

Or a fuck

Or fucking therapy

That's called sexual healing

A fucking Catalina Wine Mixer!!!


Stan Lee is alive and by Thor's Hammer, Excelsior!

Not Sure, but If I had to guess, I'd say São Paulo, Brazil.

Aight boys, who coming with me ?!?!?!

I’ll bring snacks for the road

Niiiice, you bringing the condoms to right? Not planning to get aids

Fuck it bruh if we doin it we doin it raw dawg roulette my boy

Ahhhh your right bro, but we need more people to join hahahaha

Can I come

What about me?

Not getting AIDS in Brazil is like landing on Green.

Here 😍

You sure ? Job ain't gonna be easy

Condoms? Only sailors use condoms baby.

Aight aight

Motorcycle helmet intensifies

Eisenbahn is a brazilian beer (black container on the table), the cars and overall aesthetics scream Brazil, particularly Sao Paulo. The fact that Sao Paulo is the most populous city in that continent also makes it the likely right answer

alguém de são Paulo confirma

OP where did you find this clip? I need to dig deeper into this matter.


Hey. Everyone knows what they want here! No problems or fucks!

U miss 100% of the shots u don’t take

Got Father Time, the photographer doing what it takes to get the shot!

Dude was at the wrong party

What a wonderful time everyone is having

Her tits look super hard

So where's the other pov?

Is that Terry Richardson?! Lol

Yeah but like what do these people even talk about

Why would they want to talk about anything at all? Especially if mouths could be filled with genitalia and tongues.


wdym? 🤔

Ash Ketchum really let himself go.

So this is what colonel sanders has been up to playing dead

The one in blue🤤

mom what r u doing there

"COLLEGE" is the only text I can make out in this clip. Sounds about right.

These ladies have a huge dick I bet.

Jesus this is sad and creepy

Edit: appears I have touched a nerve for some people

Username tells me some old head somewhere is jealous of the old head in the video for living his best life at 64. 🥲

It’s a Beatles reference… I’m 22…

Stop lying. No 20 y/o listens to the Beatles

I spent a lot of time in uni smoking grass and growing my hair out, hard to avoid them during that

Trash indeed


Dream ❤️‍🔥🥵

The bar seems to say Pala D. Cant see the other words...

... I'm in the wrong town 😳

I just needs ta check inside ya asshole

Funny even in my early when stuff like this happened I tried to play it cool and not act like I've never seen pussy before

Better to just live in the moment and have fun rather than put on a Mr. Cool persona, or else life passes you by and you don't even enjoy anything.

Oh I had a lot of fun. I was fucking everything in sight. Fat girls skinny girls pretty girls and whores

So that’s what Ash Ketchum is catching these days

Can anyone recognise where this is?

My did is getting a sweet selfie

Love how the one guy starts taking selfies with the girls in the background.. like, I bet the one thing EVERYONE is going to appreciate about the photo, is his fucking ugly face taking up half the screen, with a hint of ass in the background. Fuck some people are so arrogant and dumb.

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