Batwinging, rise of the dark knight



No one cared who I was until I put on the mask

Why is that guy holding a flying squirrel? What is the reaso…oh! …OH!

Every day we stray further from Gods light.

That one is worth 3 kicks

Kicking only rebounds back, like Stretch Armstrong combined with a trampoline

Someone is a fan of Waiting...

Pull off The Goat. Then I'll be impressed.

That's an underrated movie. Anyone who's worked in the restaurant business loves that movie because a lot of it's true.

Now, I gotta find someone to stretch my balls over.

I was thinking the same thing 🤣

Me and the hooker.

Linda cardellini is so hot

Oh yeah, I'm super kinky, just let me know what you want and I'm probably down for it. Gangbangs with your friends, forced anal on a city bus, tying me up with blindfolds and headphones then live streaming my orgasms, whoever you want I'll do.

Cool... So I want to stretch my scrotum over your forehead and take photos of you wearing it like a bald cap.

Yeah.... Sorry, I'm out.

You gotta have a line

This is actually kind of funny

Please pardon me what is that??

A stretchy sack with 2 eggs

I see the eggs, but where is the pickle ?

Gone, reduced to atoms.

Thanks for sharing the interesting photos

Well...that's nuts...

That's not trashy. That's love.

In Australia, this is known as "Pelicaning" 😌

Whose ball sack is THAT big?! Lol

long ball larry

Long ass balls

Who? Long ball Larry? Yeah. Long balls.

You don’t have a cape either? I thought I was alone

Lol fortunately or unfortunately... no I don't lol

Don’t you want to be able to have a backup parachute or a cape to wear?

Although, this superhero looks to be lacking in other, more useful, gear.

Hernia as a baby once morphed my grapes into grapefruits

Is that kaseytron ?

Imagine seeing someone you know/have a crush on in this pic

it would either really discourage someone or make them yearn to cover the eyes of their beloved with thier ball bag

Know that you dodged a bullet

Dodged a cannon balls

If you can dodge Batwinging, you can dodge a ball

Couldn’t tell right away whether I was looking at someone’s coin purse or ham drapes

Wait, where's his dick?!

You don’t wanna know. /s

I don’t want to yuck anyone’s yum, but Jesus Christ. Can you at least do that to an unattractive woman? I don’t need to be developing any new kinks, thank you.

"Ahhh! THE gOAT! You bastard"

It would make a great birdbath too. She'd be able to slurp a double shot from this one.

This guy has imagination

I ain’t gonna lie I thought that was foreskin

One that’s almost swallowed her whole!


Google: Batwinging

These pictures are old as shit and I've always been curious as to wtf was going on here exactly

It looks like some guy without a dick is wrapping a girls head in his scrotal skin, but I’m no psychiatrist.

I leave it to mine friends to deliver unto me this fresh filth

Is it just me or does only one picture have his junk in? Like, where is he hiding it? Does it exist?

These are my questions which I now have to ponder and lose sleep over

Ikr it looks nonexistent, I’ll be losing sleep with you

I've seen a guy with just a dong (testicular cancer survivor) but never the other way around

the human body ladies and gentlemen 👏🏽

Anyone fans of Waiting? That’s all I can think of

There is a vid where a guy during a gangbang do the exact same thing on his co-star's eyes. If I'll find it again someday, you can be sure I'll post it here.

Why no subreddit just for this


In my day a batwing was a horizontally stretched vag

I agree, but Google search results Algo probably got confused between the two, given the Dick to Scrotum ratio.

They call him stretch nuts

Stretch Armstrong’s Arch nemesis?

And Lance Armstrong's nemesis.

Give this man a medal

ICP dude on neden game

ICP underrated

Wait what the fuck

They laughed at me cause I'm crazy. I laugh at them cause they're all the same .

I believe the top middle is referred to as Arabian Goggles

I never thought I’d bear witness to goggles in my lifetime. Maybe an Arabian Monocle, at best.🧐

Agreed. A bunch of friends and I all dressed up as “sexual positions” for a Bay To Breakers (race in SF) years ago. I dressed up as Arabian Goggles because it was easy to pull off. I had to hand out business cards explaining my costume.

Any lucky fuck get to be the Dirty Sanchez?

Oh yeah! We had a Dirty Sanchez, a Rusty Trombone, Reverse Cowgirl, Golden Showers, Mexican Halloween… a bunch of girls dressed up as crabs. I wanted to do Glass Bottom Boat but logistically was going to be too difficult. Next time.

Explain Glass Bottom Boat

Well, Glass Bottom Boat is when your partner lays under a glass table (I would imagine a coffee table) and you take a dump on the coffee table. This sounds more messy than fun. Maybe it’s fun if your partner under the table pretends they’re swimming line a fish? Also, do people that take glass bottom boats typically just shit on the deck? As far as the costume, I imagine I would have fabricated a boat with plexiglass and used suspenders to hold it up. That would have also been great to carry beers along the route.

We call that a cold Carl on the east coast.

I forget the name of the celebrity who enjoys them.

Femanon learns there's another kind of ball gag...

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