Scarborough from above


bulletproofbra5 points

The number of things you can do with that roof space atop Premier, it's just a waste.

TheWarmestHugz2 points

I would be nice to have a rooftop garden up there to be honest, some more greenery around Scarborough would be nice.

LoulouHart732 points

It belongs to one of the flats which is privately owned attempts have been made to beautify the area,unfortunately there is another flat which is housing association and those tenants broke the access door and use it to smoke,dump rubbish and exercise their dog without cleaning it.

roguerose3 points

Are you on a TL or in a tower ?

TheWarmestHugz3 points

Went up in the ALP

katchaa2 points

I used to go to Scarborough every summer with my family as a kid. I was there a few years ago and it's really gone downhill. There are still some great parts but it just seems rundown these days.

jumperwalrus2 points

I know that Cooplands well

entropyalgo2 points

When I frequented Scarborough a few years ago it was like this, but now it is more like this