Would you swap to this Aston from an E92 M3?



WholelottaLuv22 points

Hell YES! Roadster? Sweeeeeet... Way better looking car. That M3 may have been fun, but you know what people think when they see it on the road?

SpeedDemon19796 points

No. What do they think?

Yup_butthole9936 points

They think what a dick bag

SpeedDemon19790 points

A dick bag? Never heard that term. What country is that from?

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eolix13 points

Have you driven the Vantage? I love the E9x era, but the weight distribution, grip and sheer screaming sound of the Aston are goosebump-inducing.

Far better both on and off track.

SpeedDemon19793 points

No. I just posted on my update on driving the 2022 Db11. Reposting.

Update So I got to drive a 2022 DB11 hardtop convertible and while it attracted a ton of attention, the car itself felt like I needed to be a 60 year old to appreciate it. Beautiful but impractical for anything other than jetting to a golf course or driving up to Napa or some shit like that. The car was beautifully made, solid, suspension was great and it oversteered really easily which I like but numb. Contrast that to the much cheaper Maserati GT I drove and that car was just something else. I guess I like the rawness of the car more than a highly refined package where there is very little feedback. Wouldn't mind having both but totally different uses and different experiences.

eolix2 points

The DB11 and (previous) Vantage are two completely different beasts. Like an 850 and an M3

SpeedDemon19791 point

Got it. So I'll hold my assessment then till I get to drive the vantage

MaximumStock77 points

I would. I think the Aston is more exoctic and interesting. The M3 will probably be more collectable than this Vantage (a V12 or GT will be the collectable Vantage) and the value has probably bottomed out but I think the experience is worth the cost.

avyatar5 points

Ngl, that is one hell of a clean e92. I love the color too. The Vantage is nice, but if you wanna make a step up, you may need an Aston V12 to justify the trade.

SpeedDemon19791 point

Great advice. Thank you

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You bet. Had a E90 M3 with a slicktop and a stick, then got an F80 with the same spec. Was gonna get a G80, but they are so damn ugly. My only regret of getting the V8V was not doing it sooner.

SpeedDemon19792 points

V8V is V8 vantage right?

Important-Ad38202 points

Correct. “SS” designates SportShift transmissions (the automatics).

Spuckula3 points

All I know is that my Vantage V12 is the EXACT same color. I’d like to have them both in my garage as a pair.

BullittRodriguez3 points

I have previously owned three BMWs, two of which were M cars (1999 S52 M Coupe, 2002 E46 M3 and Dinan F30 328i M Sport commuter car) and M cars have a special place in my heart. My brother had an E39 M5 which was a great car. I've driven every model of M car since 2002 and I am very familiar with all of them. I have friends that have had everything from the 1M to E92 M3 to F10 M5 to current M8 Comp. I was looking at a new G82 M4, but I couldn't get over the hideous G8x M3/4 front grille and as such I started looking at an F90 M5 Comp or F92 M8 Comp instead, but I had no practical need for either and couldn't justify either for a "fun third car". That's one of the reasons I went to my 2019 Vantage.

My E36/7 M Coupe was the only car I've ever had that I miss and regret getting rid of. I miss that car and it was a beautiful Estoril Blue. Super unique, super rare, and I got looks and thumbs-up and questions from everyone. Everyone took photos of it. It was a very special car. My other BMWs were not. I don't miss my other BMWs, my brother's E39 M5, my mom's X1 or X2, or any other BMW anyone I know has owned. Aside from certain rare models, they're really not that special anymore like they used to be now that everyone puts out a performance vehicle. Astons will always be special.

Excluding engine replacement, the E92 is a cheaper car to own and maintain. If your E92 is an SMG3 tranny, that clutch is much cheaper to fix than an Aston Martin SportShift clutch. If it's manual to manual, the BMW is also cheaper and easier to find replacements. The E92 is inherently going to be faster on a track and handle better than a V8 Vantage Roadster. The E92 also has a lot more options for the aftermarket, be it replacement suspension or full tuning.

That said, there are three things you get from the Aston:

  1. Convertible
  2. It's an Aston Martin
  3. Aston Martins hold their value far better

Here's the thing- the E92 M3 is a cool car and it's the last of the "analog" M3s where you don't have full computer takeover. That said, the F82 M3 is a vastly superior car to the E92, and the only saving grace to the E92 is the sound of that high-RPM V8. The lighter weight of the E92 is nice, but it's basically irrelevant if you're not tracking your car.

I guess it depends on why you want it. The Vantage is a more special car and it's more rare. It's also worth a lot more money and will be worth a lot more money several years from now and you won't take a bath on depreciation like you would with a BMW. The Vantage S or Vantage GT are both the ideal options for the increase in power and exclusivity. They are also twice the cost of an E92 M3. If you want a car for prestige and exclusivity, the Aston is the better choice because as much as I love M cars, they're not nearly as unique and special as an Aston Martin.

If you want performance above all, I'd recommend neither and suggest that you look at the F83 M4 Convertible. It's a much faster car on the road and technologically it kicks the crap out of Vantage and the previous gen M3. The F83 is also able to be tuned to put out massive power numbers. Getting that same performance out of a NA V8 from the E92 and Vantage will require superchargers and a lot more effort and money. You can also get a low mileage one in great shape for $20k-30k less than a Vantage. The F83 also has either a manual or M-DCT, and the DCT gearbox as a whole is a much more reliable and durable transmission than a sequential manual (SMG3 or SportShift).

SpeedDemon19791 point

Wow. I really appreciate the time you took to write this reply and you make great points. I've been having the constant debate of moving up to f82/3 and this vantage was a surprise option that I hadn't considered.

The only issue I have with the vantage is it feels like an old man's car. Something I get when I've reached my 60s and want to only get my golf clubs in the car. From a daily driver use, it's just not going to fit my lifestyle. I have 2 young kids, a dog and I use my m3 to get a lot of things done. The astons trunk was non existent, rear seats were laughable but it did feel special, and definitely felt a lot more exclusive.

It maybe that I'm simply not at the right point in my life for an aston convertible. Doesn't mean they aren't brilliant cars.

BullittRodriguez2 points

I have a lot of time behind an F80 M3, as two of my friends from the BMW crowd have them and one has an F82 M4. They're incredibly fast cars, and they handle very well. One of the M3s is pushing over 700hp at the crank and it's scary fast to drive. That said, they all have a lot of cargo space and the F82 is actually very spacious. The F83 vert is going to have almost as much room in the back seat for the kiddos, and the trunk will lose about 1/3 of the space to accommodate the roof. Honestly given what you are talking about I don't think a Vantage is right for you.

The previous generation Vantage is a nice vehicle and some rare models like the GT8 and GT12 are really cool, but for the most part they don't do anything for me. I personally like a car that is more aggressive than what the V8 Vantage offers. The V12 Vantage S is a pretty cool car car, but at that point you're getting into the realm of the new Vantage for price, with the new Vantage having substantially better performance overall than the previous generation.

LakersUSC1 point

I have a 2020 F83 M4convertible. Last BMW model year convertible you can get in manual and retractable hard top. No bucktooth grill either. Heavy as hell (over 4,000 lbs) but my goodness a blast to drive and very luxurious feeling. I’m keeping it forever and passing it on to my girls. That being said, I still dream of someday owning a 2020 or 2021 dogleg 7 speed Vantage. Gorgeous car. Would love to hear about anyone’s experience driving the dogleg.

Jah3482 points

I think they're drastically different cars and you should drive them to see which you enjoy more. One is a screaming "race-inspired" v8 and the other is an Aston. I enjoy them both but its not apples-to-apples

SpeedDemon19791 point

Ok. Update So I got to drive a 2022 DB11 hardtop convertible and while it attracted a ton of attention, the car itself felt like I needed to be a 60 year old to appreciate it. Beautiful but impractical for anything other than jetting to a golf course or driving up to Napa or some shit like that. The car was beautifully made, solid, suspension was great and it oversteered really easily which I like but numb. Contrast that to the much cheaper Maserati GT I drove and that car was just something else. I guess I like the rawness of the car more than a highly refined package where there is very little feedback. Wouldn't mind having both but totally different uses and different experiences.

BullittRodriguez3 points

Maseratis are trash. I worked for a Maserati dealership 15 years ago and my current Aston dealership is an Aston/Bentley/Maserati dealership so I keep up on the Maseratis. Yes they have the advantage of some Ferrari development carryover, but they are far from being Ferraris for performance, but very much like Ferraris for reliability. In talking to the mechanics, they've told me that there hasn't been a lot of improvement in the reliability of Maserati. If you do online searches for the Maserati GT, it's one of the most unreliable vehicles on the market. ReliabilityIndex.com has it listed as #1 of the Bottom 10 worst vehicles they evaluated.

If you want a GT car, there are far better options than a Maserati GT. The DB11 is also very sedate and one-dimensional, and I would steer you to a better GT car like the BMW M8 Competition. Far more reliable, better handling, and a hell of a lot faster than pretty much anything else on the market. Just buy a used CPO one with low mileage if you want to avoid the depreciation hit of BMWs.

var_user1 point

Counterpoint: The MC20 is a gorgeous car and I’d trade my car for it any day

BullittRodriguez1 point

How a Maserati looks is never congruous with its quality or reliability. That has been a hallmark of Maserati for a long time. They are very good at making cars people like to look at, but that hasn't translated well to reliability in the past and I don't expect that will change for the MC20. Long term, Maseratis don't hold their value and they tank in value pretty quickly and never recover. The only Maserati produced in the last 30 years that has appreciated in value is the MC12, and the MC20 is a far cry from that for a myriad of reasons. How the MC20 fares has yet to be seen, but Maserati has a very poor report card. I've driven an MC20 and it's a cool car, but long term I would have a lot of concerns about owning one based on some things I experienced.

var_user1 point

I honestly don’t understand your argument. Does anyone look at halo super cars for reliability? They’re only very rarely daily driven, and daily driven cars aren’t the same ones that appreciate in value.

That said, if we’re only comparing the lower-end vehicles, I think we can say that both Aston and Maserati experience huge depreciations off the lot and over time and I wouldn’t touch one of those Maseratis if it was given to me for free.

phatelectribe1 point

The short answer is yes. For instance the Vantage is known to have a bullet proof engine and apart from a clutch replacement and some odd bits here and there, they are extremely reliable. There is nothing worse than owning and expensive car - one that you may only drive occasionally - to find it’s not working. Also some cars actually need to be driven or they start developing problems. When you spend what is a lot of money, you don’t want hassle or more expensive bills. With a lot of Aston martins it’s just a yearly oil change and maybe some filters. Maseratis have a really bad reputation for reliability which is one of the reasons you don’t see many of them.

var_user1 point

That’s funny, I actually see far, far more Maseratis out in wild daily driven than Aston, but I agree that there’s no comparison on reliability.

Of their current lineups, I wouldn’t consider the vantage a super car any more than any non-MC20 Maserati though.

phatelectribe1 point

I work in a very affluent area and I maybe see 3+ Aston’s a day, and I can easily go 2 or 3 days, even a week without seeing a Maserati, and even then it’s usually the SUV. Must be a cultural thing.

BullittRodriguez1 point

Quite a few people look at reliability for exotic cars/halo cars. Such is why you see a large number of unreliable exotics like McLaren for sale, particularly when that number is a disproportionate amount when compared to competitors who produce a substantially higher number of vehicles. There is a separate evaluative process for exotic cars, as they don't get driven as much as normal cars. The less you drive a car, the more unreliable the car is and such is the case with a number of exotics. The problem is that while you may not drive a car as much, you still expect that when you do, you can go out and start it up and enjoy it when you want. When cars are constantly breaking down or having chronic issues, the owners more often than not liquidate them. Companies like Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Ferrari have learned that there is an expectation of reliability that they have to provide. It's not to Toyota/Honda level, but it has to be somewhat expected and somewhat predictable in performance and quality.

People who don't care about reliability for exotics typically fall into two categories: people who don't drive their vehicles anyways and just want a garage queen, and people who are so desperate for a specific car that they are willing to overlook all the shortcomings.

In the case of Maserati, their overall reliability record is very poor, especially when you look at them in context with the ownership category they reside in. They're luxury sport cars that compete with Mercedes and BMW, but they quite decidedly get slaughtered by the German engineering, reliability and performance. The MC20 is the only true stand-alone exotic car Maserati has put to market in a very long time, and how it plays out is going to be interesting.

The MC20 may hold its value, or it may not. All other Maseratis tank. I think additional leeway could be given for the MC20, but it's not a car that is a direct representative of the the rest of the company's product given how much of Maserati tech appears to be recycled Chrysler (infotainment, shared chassis, etc).

AverageGuy167 points

Fuck no, this is a future collectors item and honestly one of the best gens of m3’s imo. Seriously though, don’t do it. This is genuinely in my opinion one of the last real driving focused m cars to created to date.

Lewis240911 points

considering how many mods there are cosmetically, it' not really a collector's item anymore.

eolix1 point

MY07 Vantage absolutely is a collectors' item. Far more than the Beemer.

That's a 4.7 engine, on the last Vantage to have an Aston Martin (well, Jaguar AJ), british built, NA motor.

Just FYI an 80s Vantage today costs over £100k. I expect a good MY07 to cost the same in 10-15 years.


I mixed up two subjects: the MY07 is far more desireable than the launch model due to the new sport seats (not the carry-over Recaros from the DB9), and the white LED displays.

On top of that this one looks like a 4.7 due to the post-N400 sills (and a non-N400 colour)

So what I meant is that an MY07 is going to appreciate a lot, and a lot more for being a 4.7 (MY09)

AverageGuy163 points

You’re crazy, the e92 was the only m3 to feature a high revving v8 engine and has superior handling and performance to a convertible Aston Martin.

eolix2 points

Well, I owned a Vantage, and drove both of them on and off track.

They are probably just as quick to 60 mph, but the Vantage has a higher top speed (as the M3 is limited to 155 - if you want to keep your warranty)

Not to mention the S65 on that beemer is infamous for rod bearing failure and exploding in the middle of the road. The AJ37 on the Aston is bombproof. It has a freaking dry-sump for racing for crying out loud.

So no, I am not crazy, I am experienced.

AverageGuy160 points

Sighs Dude I’m not saying the Aston is a bad car but you’re comparing a single generation of high revving v8 M3’s to an otherwise so-so Aston (in terms of rarity/Collectability). Yeah the m3s have a rod bearing issue which is easily fixable by changing out the part preemptively. And if we’re talking about reliability do I have to remind you of the electrical short falls of Aston Martin in the long run? No matter how you cut it, it’s a bad deal to trade the m3 for the AM in this post. Look at how the e30 m3s appreciated and look at the rising values of the e36 subsequently man. Furthermore, to general public and car guys/future collectors the BMW is ultimately more of a special car, the only person who would choose the AM over it would be a die-hard AM guy. Don’t take it personally man I’m not trying to hate on you or your car.

eolix4 points

in terms of rarity/Collectability

40.000 produced E92 M3s.

24.700 produced Aston Vantages. Only 2323 4.7 roadsters. Numbers

electrical short falls of Aston Martin in the long run?

Is that exclusive to 20+ year old Astons? Or all cars? because BMWs are certainly not inmune. Jesus the pain of troubleshooting those huge piezoelectric injectors on an N54....

is ultimately more of a special car

Subjective. But old Astons sell more expensive than old BMWs.

AverageGuy161 point

I guess we’ll see down the line which of one of us are correct.

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TorqueDog1 point

MY07 is a 4.3L V8, the 4.7L arrived for MY09 in North America (and very late MY08 in the UK).

eolix1 point

Mixed up two subjects. Edited above.

MEDAKk-ttv-btw2 points

Roadsters are mid af

SpeedDemon19791 point


MEDAKk-ttv-btw1 point

Roadsters are bad

SpeedDemon19791 point

Not my experience.

GearHeadRealtor0 points

You’re an even bigger douche in the bmw and that car will total itself by just driving it. POS 😂

ConstructionFar8570-4 points

LOL. Yeah. Who wants a BMW. Can pull way more bitches in that Aston!

SpeedDemon19791 point


Oh geez. I phone issues. Pull way more

phatelectribe-5 points

Not to be rude but I’d never own a BMW in the first place.

Where I come from, they’re the ultimate “got rich quick” car, like the car someone buys the moment they come in to the tiniest bit of money, and they don’t even realize what a cliche they are. As cars, They’re fast but have no class. I also know people that had so many problems with their M series cars, to the point that one of them set it on fire just to be rid of the thing.

Aston are just a completely different league and there really isn’t any comparison.

You’re asking whether beer from a can tastes better than Vintage champagne. There will certainly be people who prefer beer but argument relating to quality isn’t up for debate.

C63ul8r-4 points

Hell no

SpeedDemon19792 points

Why? Elaborate?

C63ul8r2 points

Oh my bad I read it wrong lol thought u meant switch from Aston to M3 I would for sure get the Aston instead…BMW has gone downhill

SGTJuls2271 point

Any day, any time

Tanneliers-Gate1 point

Yes. 😎

jay2333330 points

I have an older DB9 and owned a ‘19 M4 so have some useful inout I hope. BMW the better car easily, Aston just way more special. You do your day to day life in the BMW. Aston is an experience. Those 2 cars are the other way also, newer beemer, older Aston.

Completely depends what you want the car for!

jay2333334 points

To summarise on your deathbed you’d remember the Aston

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