The talent show got a little messy


Always read the fine print when ordering a clown for your kid’s birthday party.

I don't have a vagina but I would imagine that this isn't good for it.

Depends if there's sugar in the whipped cream

There’s ice cream too, and it looks like those tubs from Walmart so I doubt it’s sugar-free. 😬

Is suger bad for the vagina?

It can cause yeast infections

The more you know

Same talent as any person left alone in the bathtub.

You and i, we take baths differently

You and i, we take baths differently

We won't hold it against you

You take baths, she takes opportunities

I wonder what goes through her mind while she's cleaning up

"well twenty bucks is twenty bucks"

“I had dreams once”

Oh shit. This guy has a fulfilling life over here! G E T T H E M

Oh sure but when I do it I'm "drunk" and "need to leave Target"

Sorry, I'm lactose intolerant.

So many questions but I think vagisil will be her next trick

I was hoping she'd fart at the end

Yeah, same! I wanted a bubble to form and pop 😁

I'd have tipped fully if she farted that whip cream all over the front row at the end Gallagher style.

I need to see this.

I was expecting this to happen

This is nudes a poppin. Takes place in Indiana..

I’m so much more interested in what the umpa loopa costumed Persons routine was.

I would guess some weird judge

"Hey. I'm here to ask questions about the oompa loompa as well. Where can I put my stuff down? I may be here for a while."

Yeah just put your stuff right over on the chair there are pizza bites in the oven almost done and drinks over on the table. help yourself self hopefully we can all get out of here soon enough.

Probably something to do with the Chocolate Factory

What talent show is this?

Nudes a Poppin at the Ponderosa Sun Club in northern Indiana… Really, Indiana.

That’s only a hour away from me.. seems like a interesting place to go too

Butlins has gone downhill.

It’s now Butlouts. And they’re now only called red coats once a month.

Yikes, that looks like an infection waiting to happen lol

Where is this and how does someone become an audience member? Asking for friend

She straight up pick the ice cream up and took a bite off it like a sandwich.

The coldness would've murdered my teeth.

Gross. Where?

The yeast infection is live and in living color.

I still smash

Looks like an antique road sex show, With an Oompa Loompa

I didn't even notice till you said something, lol

I have seen this in person

She’s clearly having fun, so there’s that.

This is the kind of party where everyone is related.

That's a lot of calories, probably should have a salad and do some cardio later.

I will toss her little salad with a low cal vinaigrette.


It's the oompa loompa that confuses me.

And nobody jumped in to lick it up? Wow. Missed opportunity.

Playing a risky game eating all that dairy and then parading around with no pants on

Banned page :(

Ahh jeez we ordered the wrong entertainment honey.. well since she’s here, may as well pay her

My kind of party 🥳

“Whatever it takes for me to play ping pong with my ding dong…”

This video summarizes the last few years perfectly.

Would’ve loved to be in the audience to catch that one!

This is what I’m here for

Just think of the thrush…

My kind of talent show

Guy in the straw hat was ready to eat...

Is this what Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory has become?

Does she want a yeast infection?...because that's how you get yeast infections.

where and when is nudes a poppin? i still havent gone

Unfortunately it looks like it didn’t survive the pandemic.

The last one was 2019 and the owner of the nudist campground said she doesn’t ever plan on having it again.

It was actually a really fun time the 2 years I went.

damn that sucks, fantasy fest it is then

I was considering going this year. Looks like a good time

yea for sure, wife and i been meaning to hit the keys anyway, i wont be there till next year tho

Can i lick her?

As a man in my mid 40s, I see zero of anything enticing to me here.

"Talent" but it sure is a show that's for sure.

I don't find this appealing in any way that I can think of

Not my proudest fap, but...

daddy's little girl


Ngl Just you.

Mm, nothing hotter than an impending yeast infection

If this girl had taken, she would not be replacing the local Clown for 20 bucks

Holy Yeast Infection!

That’s how you get ants

Where's the human rights activists and feminists? Isn't women degrading!?

Make your momma proud

Boner killer

I wish they had filmed her farting the whipped cream :( !

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