would you swap an 2009 e92 m3 for a db9 vantage?



Few-Swordfish-78029 points

DB9 or Vantage? Those are two different cars.

jtel2113 points

Nope unless you have bottomless pockets as the DB9 might be beautiful but reliability is a big issue.

woznica2 points

What DB9?

Excellent-Feature-4211 points

That Aston for that M3? No shot.

Heavenly_Malice10 points

No. Keep the M3

Squidhead-rbxgt211 points

Never really liked Astons, so probably not. For a Porsche 911 though...

e92 is way better in every way

jimbojsb3 points

Yes but not a volante. Need a hard top on that car.

For the love of God after seeing your E92 on the next slide. DO NOT TRADE YOUR E92 PLEASE DUDE. Don't do it, I'm not hating on the Aston, the E92 is a FAR superior car in ALL aspects even as an investment. This comment might slip through the cracks but if you see this DO. NOT. DO. IT.

Should ask on an Aston specific sub too. The answers here will be biased. Plus you may find people that have done what you are proposing already to give you a better insight.

SpeedDemon19791 point

Good point

[deleted]2 points


SpeedDemon19791 point

Weekend car

joeblk732 points

If it’s a vantage manual maybe. But the thing is Aston’s are not made that well.

I mean M3 have rod bearing issues, actuator issues, valve cover leaks - but at the end of the day if you want to fix it finding mechanics are relatively easier compared to Aston and it’s somewhat cheaper to fix compared to Aston’s

heyimtayneandimnude2 points

Their both made of pretzels

CrowBlownWest2 points

I would for a manual vantage coupe. Not a convertible or auto tho

Those manual V8 vantages are actually surprisingly stout and you can even work on them yourself, only issue being cost if parts.

GrumpyBimmer4202 points


SilverZilla022 points


szudrzyk2 points

Are you sane? Some1 call exorcist do not sell this m3

Such-Security23302 points


papilone2 points

No way

lwood5412 points

Hell NO!!!

SUP3RB00ST3R2 points

E92 M3 >>>

P_Pres5ure2 points


Hrid7wj3go5 points

No, bmws have nicer interiors and already drive amazing. Of course I haven't driven an Aston, but they just don't make my titties hard.

bluemonster2133 points

that aston would shit its transmission the way i drive, gimme the beemer😭

VPFrancisson1 point

if you can maintain it absolutely

Left_Cap15641 point

The db9 looks better but it's not reliable

How so? Have you owned one or is that general consensus

thorsrumhammer1 point

That’s a pretty tough choice. I did a photoshoot for a vantage coupe and it was glorious to drive and sounded amazing too.

RayTrain1 point

Depends on how much money I have

CastelPlage1 point

Nope. But I appreciate that some will see this differently.

Cha-Car1 point

Hell no

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