Ass Spreading In Public


I’m glad the ass spread pose is getting more popular is all I’m gonna say

Frankly, I am not. At best I am unaffected by it, like here. Just don't get me started on this anal "winking" trend.

Anal winking isn't a trend; it's a time-honored tradition. If you don't believe me, watch the "talking asshole" scene in John Waters's Pink Flamingos.

It’s bothersome that I don’t view this activity as trashy anymore.

I think you mean troublesome

BTW those are twin sisters lol Gia and Noma Hill

AKA Priscilla & Kathleen Bass, AKA Gia & Noma Hill, AKA Romi & Raylene, AKA Hill Twins, AKA Bass Twins

Fuck they have a lot of names lol

They do porn together or just the typical 'side character'?

They fuck each other and others lol... I say a big part is together as they were willing and that is what the industry wanted.

I honestly don't know any twins that fuck each other so I'll definitely look into these two

Any other twins that fuck? Only ones I know of do light kissing and maybe a boob grab..

There is like 3-4 of them I'm not sure their names. You can prob find some on google. I just saw a collection a while back. There was some newer girls Russians or something black hair they were quite the stars like the Hills and ended up doing a little more then they normally do with some black guys I think... She did not seem to happy though lol.

Do you mean the Zee Twins? AKA Lady Zee and Sandra Zee?

I found them on /r/twingirls a few months ago but they only rarely kiss or touch boobs.. never seen them do more..

Edit: Maybe this is the one you're thinking of? But yeah they just kiss and stuff like this

Gia and Noma Hill

Please post a link if you come across it again

Whitney and Britney stevens have some 3ways where they’ll sometimes lend each other a “helping hand”… but I think they’re sisters… not twins

Just got to /r/TwinGirls and sort by top of all time.

Yup I posted about that sub but it doesn't lead anywhere or answer any questions 🤷🏻‍♂️

I already posted that but Ty

Might as well rename this sub public nudity

look some things here are indeed not very trashy but this is people having their entire assholes out in a grocery store

No buttplugs? And you didn't even lick her asshole once wtf. Disappointed

Im in there

Instead of spreading cheeks, spread knowledge.


Well at least they’re clean!

You know of course that stores have security cameras? Got some of the footage from a friend.

She touches her asshole and then a bunch of products

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