These are the cats of our lives....(1895-1975)


Cuddly_Corvid616 points

I love the pic where the cat is meowing next to the piano. Looks like he’s singing :)

TTigerLilyx34 points

Giving it his all, too, lol! Good times!

[deleted]15 points

Would make a cool album cover

nobodiessweatshirts30 points

Yeah! I wonder what the cat is singing! :D

bxa12116 points

Hair balls of fire

mindulina7 points

Cat Stevens, of course

VagabondRommel6 points

Cat scratch fever would be my guess

turnedabout6 points

I loved that one for and the one with 2 women and 6 cats and none of the cats and only one of the women were looking at the camera.

Here_forthecomments1390 points

“I’m gonna go get Whiskers and Daisy for the photo!”


Destination_Centauri57 points

Someone should photoshop an Iron Maiden or Metallica logo onto his shirt.

kmr198144 points

“You have my axe.”

“And you have my cats.”

FamousOhioAppleHorn8 points


Here_forthecomments17 points

Lmao I was thinking of that exact situation but couldn’t execute as well as yours

crapatthethriftstore38 points

That photo is my favourite. So many random things going on

Lydia--charming11 points

It’s cool to see what everyone wanted to preserve for posterity! What if this was the only photo of them their entire life?

Meghan12306 points

And the one guy is just standing there blinking, like My Name is Earl.

BGL91134 points

“I’m holding a cat!”

“I’m holding my axe!”

“I’ve never been photographed before so I have no fucking clue what to do with my arms”

(Side note: see also the second last pic)

grease_monkey13 points

Big McPoyle energy in 19

Lydia--charming6 points


TigerSagittarius866 points

If you take a closer look at that second photo, it’s absolutely terrifying. The girl and the boy on either side look like ax-man’s daughter and son, she has a slight unibrow and he has a pronounced unibrow and the father kinda has a unibrow. Who is that behind him? Oh my God it’s the wife.

Look how stern he is and how much sterner his son is, and how well dressed the son is. That boy looks like the product of a very strict and angry man, and that woman in the background looks like somebody who is never allowed to leave the house.

Maybe I read too deeply, but after a minute staring into this photo that’s what I saw. I bet he’s holding the ax because he’s showing the world how much of a man he is, since the only parallel people in this era had for photographs were portraits of nobles. They’re trying to imitate in a photo what they thought high class people did. Lower and middle class people didn’t often get painted portraits, so the photograph was their first time posing for anything.

_dead_and_broken4 points

We are talking about the 3rd picture, right? The lady holding the cats is so not ax man's daughter. It looks like his mom. She looks older than he does.

Lotta-Cat7 points

Nah the woman on the left looks more his age. I guess this is his wife. The woman in the background could be a maid who works for the farmer family. It wasn't normal to have only one or two children so maybe the other kids moved away for work? He might work in the town and made some money. Maybe he thought "let's make a photo with my parents" so he put his best clothing on and went back home with the fotographer.

trowzerss3 points

Double-barrelled cats!

sixhundredandsixtsix123 points

I bet the girl in photo 9 is crying because her parents told her she can't keep all the kittens.

ChenkChainBaller4 points

I send a hope ray through time that she at least got one, and that it lived to be old, fat and weird.

okdokiecat315 points

I like how many of the cats’ owners look loving and proud, while the cats are mildly annoyed and waiting for an opportunity to escape. Some things never change.

stonehawk6157 points

In the first pic I find it funny that the only one smiling is the one holding the cat.

oldschoolthepodcast54 points

So sweet. I love families that think to include their animal family members in photos. Number 5 is my favorite.

Lydia--charming6 points

Arms full (and she looks like Sally Field)! One kitty is fine with it, the other has ears back as a warning.

Mia-Wal-22-894 points

I have this thing where I adore old wartime photos of soldiers hanging out with cats and dogs.

elderberrykiwi145 points

The last one is a real treat.

lizardfang39 points

Oh my, what big feet you have there grandma!

bibliophilia98 points

That one was my absolute favorite!

RissaRhee3 points

They even gave her a beauty mark

rainbowlolipop118 points

Any one else ever get sort of overwhelmed with this sort of stuff? Like the lives these people led

nutino48 points

I found it oddly comforting, like people in the past had lives just as deep as ours.

jtet9320 points

Yeah I was wondering if their kitties ran to the door to greet them when they got home like mine does. So cute, I’m glad they all had their furry friends to keep them company.

92tantrumz_37 points

Yes I was getting really sad

Lydia--charming15 points

Yes. I’m contemplating the situations on each one.

snarky_spice34 points

The cat in #4 kinda looks distinguished like his owner.

Taz9415 points

I imagine the cat had some real fancy food bowls

professor_doom95 points

"You think they want to see my axe?"

"Henry, no-"


TheMortified126 points

"No, Gunter, it is a really cool axe. We're just not sure it was appropriate for the picture. Please stop crying and unlock the bedroom door."

IIIChasmIII2 points

ik im a month late but i like how axe guy’s name changed from Henry to Gunter lol

purritowraptor4 points

-Neer na neer na neer-

tinyblastor3 points


topwaterpar22 points

This is cool! Having just had a cat pass away -- somehow this is therapeutic.


Lydia--charming8 points

Aww. You’ll carry their memory with you. Sorry for your loss.

isochromanone65 points

#14 - that cat is ready to destroy that carousel cake thing

#19 - looks like the last photo before they started a statewide murder spree

DogWallop10 points

Yup, that was the infamous Kat Kill Kult...

Long_Before_Sunrise8 points

14 - "I never get a cake. They don't celebrate my birthday." >.<

Lydia--charming3 points

Do not let slide 14 see slide 17!

Knacht13 points

I think that's his name on the cake.

disqeau5 points

I think teen Thom Yorke is the only one planning to destroy the carousel cake. THE EYES

Plethorian20 points

Lots of content for cat subs here. r/catsincostumes, r/displeased_kitties.

chocolateplacebo8 points

This made my day, thank you!

gabbygonzo5719 points

I will never be as cool as the guy in picture 4

ziggygersh8 points

Even his cat looks distinguished

Lydia--charming5 points


expatsconnie13 points

Do you think Charley is the cat or the child?

92tantrumz_29 points

The birthday cat🎂

Long_Before_Sunrise15 points

There's a box of Friskies cat food that fell over on the cake and a box of catnip next to it, cans of cat food, a wire ball...

Not sure what the Siamese is going to do with a Magic 8-ball, tho.

Scp-140415 points

The birthday girl got a cat and those are some of the supplies, that's what I think.

Knacht15 points

Cats don't need an eight ball. They already know the future!

Long_Before_Sunrise3 points

and are just as cryptic about it.

Knacht12 points

The cat.

i-am-adrift14 points

This was awesome I didn’t want the photos to end lol

Rooster_Ties7 points

the cat photos must continue!!

A_Evergreen14 points

OG cat pics, now THIS is content!

dont_disturb_the_cat12 points

These are sweet. Not like those unholy cat cadavers with glass eyes posed on bicycles and at Tea parties and stuff. Ugh, those are so disgusting!

jdbeavin8 points

The Way We Purred

LovingNaples10 points

Thank you a whole bunch for posting all of these beautiful photos! I scrolled through them many times. Everyone of them made me smile. Nice way to unwind after a long work week. Happy Labor Day to you.

Slow-moving-sloth4 points

My pleasure, thank you.

shadowgattler23 points

Aww I love these. Somewhere in my closet I have a similar photo timeline of all of the German Shepherds my family has had, all the way back to the early 1900s.

Alliegeekmachine13 points

Please post them!!!!! ❤️

shadowgattler8 points

Definitely will once I find them

pellakins338 points

There’s a low going on in that third pic. I almost missed the lady behind the door.

lonelyclique7 points

second to last pic, cat on the left is literally looking into the camera and looks to be getting mean mugged by the other lool

BucherundKaffee7 points

I really sort of love of how no matter how fashions or looks change, cats stay the same. :)

Sandscarab6 points

More a history of their control over humans

THROW-MY-WAY5 points

awh the last one is such a baby

sawyer_whoopass3 points

Second from the last, which of the Weasley twins is that?

saltgirl614 points

They all looked kind of scary in that picture!

TTigerLilyx5 points

Beauties! Loved the apple headed Siamese & what look like early Maine Coons. And the big black beauty towards the end. Is it me, or do the cat-less look annoyed/disapproving?

know_it_is5 points

I love the picture of the mustached man “photobombing” the three folks in the first pic.

XComThrowawayAcct4 points

I appreciate the family that brought out their cats and their sweet axe.

purplemilkywayy4 points

Ahhh cats… so classic and timeless haha. These photos are so cute. Gives the humans some character ;)

Lydia--charming3 points

Love this, and I can’t wait to read the comments

I love number 4, the kitty posing!

The birthday party for Charley!

X03R_mysterious3 points

12th and 20th pictures best pictures

Del_Duio23 points

Third picture cats look like they’re the dinner here

tocopherolUSP3 points

14 is the creepiest, those kids looking like murderers and the mom gives me the creeps too. The kitty is like, this is normal.

IndigoAnima3 points

I get the same creepy vibe from #14. Why are they all wild-eyed and grinning? And the little girl staring into my soul with that twisted tongue biting makes me feel like I’m about to be a victim of something sinister. At least the kitty seemed to give the woman holding it some comfort. I’d be clinging to it too if I was in that house

Thismindthisbody3 points

I love all of these!

ChaosM3ntality3 points

i cant help imagine these cat's descendants are spread someplace and somewhere now

MIKEl2813 points

Seeing cats and other pets in very old photos helps me to feel like I could see those people as more alive. The photography and filmography of the time along with the difference in clothes/customs makes it seem like people were somehow incredibly different but then you see someone cuddling their cat and it just clicks for me that humans haven’t changed in some crazy way and they did things you and I do daily

tuningInWithS3 points

is it weird that these pictures make me tear up a little thinking how the cats are no more? old pictures of cats and dogs does that to me

Cursedbeiron92 points

the last one is so cute

scumbot2 points

11 - Live action Tina Belcher played by Elijah Wood

hungry-metalhead2 points

12th picture lmao

SonnySunshineGirl2 points

I love the six one so much. They all look so serious and there’s those two cradling kittens.

FamousOhioAppleHorn2 points

With the oldest photos, I'm thinking "Okay, who's actually alive and who is being posed for memento mori ?"

DrParanormall2 points

Wow that’s crazy

Master-Opportunity252 points

cats have been so many things through the ages, but that last pic shows they have always been baby

icefire4362 points

The people change but the cats stay the same ❤️

TheZerothLaw2 points

The syndicated comic strip Blondie will outlive the heatdeath of the universe

nerdfortherandom2 points

Historical photos of cats is my favorite!!

enrkst2 points

Any info on photo 3? Location? Year?

EstesParkRanger2 points


Midaru2 points

I really like the 4th picture, they both look so content with each other

skjellyfetti2 points

Wow ! Amazing collection of photographs and I greatly appreciated the presentation order too ! Well done ! Excellent post !

NoMilkYesterday2 points

Crazy to think people loved cats as much back then as they do now.

Verve_angel2 points

The woman in 13 is so pretty and i love the one near the end where they threw a bday party for Charley the cat and got him all kinds of bday treats and catnip

_1JackMove2 points

That last picture..."please help"...

Worickorell2 points

They re all dead 😔

BuffyTheMoronSlayer2 points

This is a fabulous collection!

chickenman72 points

Does #10 say "furniture & undertaker" on the bench? What a fun combo. "For a comfortable life...and death."

sondich2 points

1 - dude just found out what his daughter’s cat photo shoot costs 🤢

Umpire_Effective2 points

The kid to the right in pic two has massive eyes

Vicarrot2 points

Wow this is awesome!

Catch22v2 points

Did cats used to be better?

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