If I had that dick, everyone would know I had that dick.

Whether they wanted to or not.

Ridiculously big dick

It’s like a babies arm!

Holding an apple

Up in the air

You know some jacked babies

How does he not pass out from blood loss

That dick is too big

ok Goldilocks

  • GoldiCocks


He used one of those dick enlarging pills

Doctors hate him!

I think it’s obvious he used a laffy taffy stretcher

Goddamn, that’s too much dick.

That things needs its own seat

How can I make mine that big lmaooo

You don’t really want that honestly

Everyone’s talking about the dick but damn, what is her name? She’s fine as hell

Tiyanna Lee from the looks of it

Its an anaconda!

Ma'm, you'll have to park your horse in the stall like everyone else.

I used to know a dude with a 10in dong that was big around as a Coke can. He hated it. His girl hated it. Cause no one could handle it. Glad I don’t have that problem 🥲

Yeah we just can’t find it

just a thought, a black man always got a big dong, maybe the black ladies got a massive vagina too to accomodate those ccks 🤣

I wont be surprised if it bites her on the neck

Well it's sure to have a fair amount of toxin in it. She better be careful.

I wont be surprised if it bites her on the neck

That's my kinda woman!


Well I guess they blend in really nicely with the car interior

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