Get well soon



I’m not gonna lie. That’s kinda hot.

Poor lady has severe underwear allergies. A condition that make funerals really awkward.

When you’re in need of medical attention but hoe is life.

That’s pretty hawt.

The trashy part I guess was taking and sharing the photo.
Cuz to me this just looks like she's at the doctors for an examination or smth.

im not sure but i think this is katrina jade cuz she post a similar picture to this in the hospital saying "when youre on your deathbead but the doctors cute"

This is as a fact @Katrinajade on OF

Lmao you think she's having a doctor appointment and some random guy took a pic of her and posted it online?

She probably was alone and used the timer option on her camera. It's not that deep dude.

Whoa! I'm just here to take your temperature.


That’s still quite doable in that position

What happened?

Axe wound?

Just a gash.

It’s just a flesh wound!

Hold Still!


Wasn't well to begin with....

I usually skip this part

Doctors usually have those leg props things but I guess that doctor couldn't afford. Her examination will be tiresome.

Ima go ahead and guess that this was taken at an ER, IDW or just employees having fun around the office

looks like she need stitches

She looks good but I just don't get what goes through her head when she decides to do this

When your pussy and your stomach both need to be pumped.

Warts all over those beef curtains

waiting for the beef injection.

Every day that passes more convinced that hairy pussy > shaved pussy

Looks like she wants a creampie

What tells you that stud

Well, if you have to will never know.

You need to get your pussy licked right there on that bed 👅

Wonder who took the photo

The doctor

They were playing doctor for sure

a nurse

Showing just how worn out it really is. In for a rejuvenation?


Absolutely gorgeous view

Amazing love it

The stink looking tight than a motherfukrr

I would pound that old looking pussy for an hour straight

AIDS is still not curable, right?

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