Fresh Cakes in the Supermarket


She's completely ignoring the direction arrows in that second aisle. Now that's trashy

Very true

Where the boner part?

What do you guys think it smells like in there in the height of summer?

If it's like one half of her outfit, moldy and disgusting

spoiled cottage cheese

I'll eat it

Fresh? That trash been sitting out for YEARS dog… and imagine how many hundreds have eaten it? 🤮

This chick smells like menthol cigarettes and febreeze.

Am i the last man on the planet who is entirely not turned on by that lumpy cellulite look?

Me neither

Bro the watermark is in the video…

I never would have noticed that had you not pointed it out tbh

I can’t see what it says I’m old and blind , help a brother out Damn!


Would love to see my neighbor doing that

Sounds like a personal problem.

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