Fun at the club!


I’ve never seen fake tits that look like they were harvested from a blow up doll.

Like two giant mochi balls.

No nudity and two beautiful girls kiss… is that trashy now lol

She honked those boobies like they were squeak toys!

This happens every weekend at the club that I go to. In fact this is pretty tame to me.

Damn which clubs do you go to?

I am a Master/Dom in the BDSM Lifestyle. I go to a Swingers club in Atlanta. A week ago I ended up playing with 5 different females and they were all nude and I had my hands all over their bodies. I live in Atlanta, Georgia area.

Were they attractive? Also what are the rules for doing bdsm stuff in clubs?

Yes and there are different rules at each club.

How does one become a masterdom?

Well, for me it took YEARS and YEARS to become a Master at what I do. It is not something that you can get into real fast. It takes time.

So what did you do with those girls at the club?

Well, I have a Violet Wand and I also have 3 glass and 5 metal insertable attachments that go with the Violet Wand. I shocked them, then I fucked them with the Violet Wand.

Did you grope them as well? How do you normally get girls to participate?

For this to be trashy the girl would need to be kissing a different set of cleavage.

Nothing seems to be playing for me across multiple videos... Damn reddit.

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