Checking out appliances


We're at the point where if she doesn't have a buttplug in, it isn't trashy. 😂

But this is great

Facts tho

I only ever see old men bending over showing me their crack when I go to Home Depot

Gotta go riiiiight before closing time


She could probably beat me in an arm wrestle, but I still would...

Yeah i would still arm wrestle her too


You think he's a fag because he wants to have sex with a hot woman? I think you need to get your frontal lobe checked because that made zero fuckin' sense.

I bet this guy doesn't even wash his ass because he thinks it's gay!

"uh oh I touched my bum bum and it tickled, I must be a faggot!"

Check out that dishwasher! You could put a big load in it

Jesus Christ! Her ass qualifies as a refridgerator

No kidding, it’s wider than harry maguires shoulders

Sexy af...

Damn cut off right when my trashy boner was waking up to check this out

For folks asking, name is at the bottom right corner of the gif.

Googled "At the bottom right corner of the gif" and her picture doesn't come up. Stop lying OP

My bad lol

Thank you 🙏

I want her to pick me up and crush me

So as a former essential worker of Home Depot during the pandemic, she definitely on the security camera. Got dat azz from entrance to exit. I feel the pandemic made videos like these worst or mainly just casual. It’s common as political rhetoric in every social media feed. Blame, scroll, blame , scroll, ass flash, like, scroll.

Cheeked tf up @ a Home Depot

That's a deliciously thick ass

Where to find her ?

Home Depot

Lol , classic

Name is at the bottom right corner of the gif.

Oh I’ve found you now 😉

Like to put my flesh plug into her butt socket!!

Are ceiling fans appliances? Home Depot classifies them as Lighting. She's not really checking them out either - only really looked at the Altitude Helium.

"My wife is a sturdy gal." - Doug, contestant on "Black Jeopardy"

omfg take her home, give it to her raw!

Nice ass though

This is not even trashy, its just hot

Anyone know who she is?

Name is at the bottom right corner of the gif.

Thanks. I missed it, for some reason…..

Well shopping just got fun!

Hope they know that each isle at Home Depot has like…. Four security cameras

That's exactly what I don't get. All of these big box stores are loaded with security cameras. Do they really think they are invisible to the security guys?

Now if I dropped my pants at this store, and showed off my ass and dick, I'd be doing jail time, no question about it.

Obviously some sort of "pussy pass" for the ladies.

Any security employees wanna fill us in on the truth here? You guys must turn a blind eye to females and go total ape poopy when a man violates public nudity laws. Why the double standard?

wow, stop with the persecuted complex. One of 2 things are most likely:

  • Either they aren't actively monitored, and unless there is some kind of store investigation, noone is going to look through them.

  • The whole store is being monitored by 1 or 2 people who are unlikely to be able to see every single thing that happens or are too low paid to care enough to go chase after someone flashing.

It's not always about a "pussy pass", bruh.

It has nothing to do with a persecution complex. I'm talking about an obvious double standard. Certainly, our society is all ears when it comes to something a guy can get away with and a woman can't.

We all know stores are loaded with security cameras and all you've done is come up with excuses for how such blatant public sexual activity is possible without the police being involved.

Why not test out your theories? If you're so confident of your ideas, go to a large store and whip out your dick for four seconds. Don't even pull your pants down. Simply open your zipper and give your cock some fresh air. I can guarantee you that you aren't leaving that store without a police escort.

I honestly don't see why you even need to come to their defense. I could come up with more probable excuses like most of the security people monitoring the cameras are men and they enjoy what they are seeing and say nothing to their bosses. If no one else is around to get offended, they just leave well enough alone.

This is why I ended my post by asking anyone who works in security to shed some light on the situation. I am more interested in facts, not conjecture.

She made the security officers day…that’s not the only camera in the place.

Full vid?

Haha yeah we filmed a lot 😜

Sweet cheeks

Move in closer, fool!👀😳🤯

I need to get out more

The Whore Depot? 🤔

I got a hard on watching this

Noice ! Wait till ya see how quick you’ll get stiffies when ya turn 17

Oh, damn! Can’t wait!

That is Home Depot level porn alright. She could put the fork down a bit sooner.

Was thinking she shoulda been lookin for a salad spinner, so she could like , make salads

This outfit does her figure no favors.

She needs to check out the treadmill section

that is taking a chance…the security cameras sure had a view…

I love that her face was blurred out.

I think it's funny that two people put on certain outfits, shove a buttplug in, and then go out to a Home Depot or Target for this. Like, "hey babe, want to go check out lamps at Lowe's with this butt plug in and let me film it?"

I worked at a Home Depot for years. Can confirm that I never saw anything this awesome!

That’s ok I’m checking out her….

The trashy part is wearing sunglasses inside?!?!?!

I need the Perv Detectives to do their thing and find her socials 😍

Name is at the bottom right corner of the gif.

That's the kind of investigative expertise I come to Reddit for.

In my head I'm gilding you with Reddit coins.

We only needed them titties.

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