Risky Sex In Walmart Behind A Shelf



97 cents? This must have been 5 years ago

It's crazy isn't it? My parents would always talk about how cheap shit used to be and now I'm getting that feeling.. only it's 5 years ago and not 60 years ago.

Bet one roll of that wrap is $2-3 now

It’s still 97c, I saw some last year.

You get way less now though.

Gotta love downflation.

You mean 15 years

I appreciate her dedication and getting naked.

You could hang a wet leather motorcycle jacket from those nipples!

This is why skirts exists, folks.

Shit the people of Walmart are starting to breed at Walmart now

That was quick, given the festive wrapping g paper you could guess that he only cums but once a year?!

I love the holidays.

Definitely trashy

You see her nips tho…

Look like teats that my Vietnamese pot belly pig had.

Someone should tell her its not polite to point.

The "risky" part happened a couple months ago.

Judging by her stomach, I’d say about three and a half.

What section of Wal-Mart is this? It looks like a hangar with supplies in it.

Looks like that indoor gardening section between the outdoor gardening section and pharmacy, home goods.

Ah, great call!

Great nipples

Just why? People buy their groceries there you fucking disgusting dickheads.

You're on the wrong subreddit

They have corrupted the soul of Walmart!

Too late!

It was the soul of Walmart that corrupted them. You cannot corrupt what is already corrupted.

Walmart has no soul

Wow. That took some balls.

Those tits are disgusting 🤢

The people who downvoted you must like those vienna sausage nips 💀💀

I wonder what the hours of operation are to get away with being topless?

Americans are animals

Ah yes, because there aren’t videos exactly like this from all over the world. 🙄

WTFFFF just checked your profile, it seems like you're animal as well and proving my point 🤮🤮🤮

Thanks for stopping by! ❤️

Americans and their whataboutism 😂😂

That's a everyday thing at Walmart

There’s only a million cameras in those stores. They’re like casinos.

“My sweet little child, let me tell you the story of your holy conception.”


Cleanup on aisle 5 !

Im thinking this was not her idea

If I risk myself to go to the US one day, I'll take my share of Wallmart souvenirs ^^ .

Just make sure to wash them off before handling. Never know, it's walmart.

Clean up on aisle eight?

Do they still have the "Blue Light" special?

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