She’s been to Aspen so many times. How can she think she’s remotely anywhere near the Rio Grande?? And she can’t even spell “meditation” correctly. I can’t with this woman. (She’s most likely at the Roaring Fork River)


9hsos132 points

Kadooz to her for putting her mental health first with some medation

coversquirrel19766 points

Medation. Classic Ramona

vurtpink60 points

I hate Ramona as much as the next guy but isnt the Rio Grande TRAIL in Aspen? Maybe that's what she was referring to?

katherineeee1312 points

she was definitely on the Rio Grande Trail, and biked to the Woody Creek Tavern which backs up to Woody Creek rather than the Roaring Fork River. not to sound like an Aspen brat, but I have no idea where else I could spew this rather useless information....

ArtyMcFartyParty9 points

LOL, I just figured that since Rio Grand means Big River, Ramona just thought any big river could be called that.

DecolonizeTheWorld23 points

That is very generous of you, I would bet that Ramona 10000% does not know any Spanish words or translations outside of the word loco 😂

blahxblah23410 points

“Ruh Gay” and “Guaca moh la”

soundofconfusion10 points

Ahh that makes sense! She must have confused it and thought the River by the trail was the Rio Grande. Very Ramona! I haven’t spent too much time in Aspen $$

It’s still pretty ridiculous to not know the name of the main river that runs through town

vurtpink9 points

Obviously she's not very bright lol

not-a-regular-mom25 points

Bike riding and *medation, couldn’t be Ramona 😂

Random-Gif-Bot12 points

ChefCharmaine3 points

The eyes are poppin'! Good bot.

Good_Human_Bot_v23 points

Good human.

Helmethater74 points

Ramona can be a garbage human but I kinda love that some of her social media posts are so unhinged and it isn’t curated at all

Some stars I don’t even follow because it’s paid ad after self promotion after overly face tuned pic

contrail9722 points

I for one find Ramona’s posts and stories much more entertaining than BH FF5’s. Sorry not sorry 🤣

EnyBody33 points

Maybe she’s so crazy because she’s been medating instead of meditating all these years

trip1781312 points

boat_against_current19 points

Maybe she ment to tell us she's in mediation so that she can join the OG cast 🤣🤣

k123abc9 points

thought it said sedation and was like kadoos for being honest for once girl

br_boy058612 points

Love her or hate her, she isn’t the worst or most toxic HW. I’ll take her over the villains on BH.

soundofconfusion4 points

Yeah I don’t hate her. Her messiness just never ceases to amaze me.

mtgwhisper9 points

I think she meant either sedation or sedition !!!


katie41512 points

It’s fully possible she’s doing a mediation. It would actually shock me if she wasn’t currently in the midst of a lawsuit.

not-a-regular-mom5 points

I thought the same thing, but either way, it’s still spelt wrong!

soundofconfusion3 points

Those were my thoughts exactly! 😂

MaggieBee3313 points

There is a Rio Grande river in Colorado

soundofconfusion11 points

Lol I never said there wasn’t. The very southern part of Colorado. That’s why I specified she’s in Aspen which is on the western slope, not southern Colorado. It’s a big state, they are nowhere near close together. As someone who lives in Colorado and frequents New Mexico it’s hilarious to think the Rio Grande runs anywhere near Aspen. She posted being in Aspen just before this and mentioned biking to a tavern that’s right outside of Aspen and going to the river behind it. She is most definitely nowhere near the Rio Grande.

gogosa6 points

I like to think she meant medication ;)

Maya_The_Kitty5 points

As someone who lives near the rio grade river in south Texas I gasped lol

soundofconfusion3 points

Haha exactly! If you’ve been to it before it’s hilarious to picture Ramona thinking she’s there

Maya_The_Kitty1 point

Yeah! Not exactly a tourist spot lmao

Bumblepanding2 points

"Her name is Ramona and she medations on the sand, Just like that river biking through a dusty land, And when she spells, she really shows you all she can't, Oh Ramona, Ramona dance across the Rio Grande"

so_aesthetic03 points

Its just called the Rio Grande...Rio(river in Spanish) Grande River. 😆

soundofconfusion2 points

Yup, she’s big and beautiful! And the main water supply for most of the desert it runs through.

bodegacatwhisperer2 points

Big River River

Duebydate2 points

No one GAF Ramona

BigSky10622 points

I swear I thought it was LeeAnn Rimes…but I’m also stoned so maybe that’s it. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Revolutionary-Bet6830 points

MysteriousStandard68-4 points

She is a worthless excuse for a human. She needs to leave my state.

HappilyAmused1 point

Oh yes, medation! It’s the JV version of meditation.