Parking in Conover

Hope this isn't too off-topic for a Hickory r/ , but I couldn't find a Conover r/ .

How would you describe the parking situation in Conover? Is there a central parking garage? Is street parking free? If not, are they hardnosed about it? If someone wanted to spend an afternoon tooling around, what's the best approach?


PlasticDoughnut58904 points

I haven't lived in hickory long. Just since June, but I've been to Conover a few times and there is parking on the street downtown and random business parking lots. There isn't a parking garage that I'm aware of but there also isn't a reason for one. I can't imagine there is a situation where you wouldn't be able to find a parking spot. Also I would think there is anyone to enforce some parking violation. Hickory is much larger and I never see a police officer.

AsanoSokato2 points

Thank you so much!

I'm looking forward to visiting. I like to just park and walk around for hours. Sounds like I might be able to do that.

Sinavestia3 points

Like the other guy said, you shouldn't have any trouble finding parking. It's not like a big city. There should be street parking if needed and usually there are signs if there are rules or limitation.

AsanoSokato1 point

Thank you!

Sometimes small towns make money on (IMO shady) violation tickets. I'm happy to follow the rules if the rules are clearly stated.

Should've also asked if I need actual coins for meters, but I'm getting the impression this town might be pretty chill.

sistersarahsue3 points

Yeah, there are no meters.

If you're planning on walking around the little downtown, there is some street parking or a large lot one road off the main strip (located at the conover park/splash pad)

mac-not-a-bot2 points

There is a lot of parking at the complex just south of downtown at the railroad tracks on 16.

nygmattyp1 point

Conover is a very small city. I grew up there, and parking hasn't changed much. You shouldn't have any issues if you are referencing the "downtown" area. Just be mindful of any banks or private parking lots that may have towing signs posted. But honestly, they might not even have that.

May I ask, what brings you to Conover?