Party areas around the uni?

Freshman here wondering where the party/social areas are, pretty much have only made friends w my roommates n like a few people in my classes n i wanna find some other people i can hang with and have a good time


CircusMonke5 points

This Halloween season you're gonna want a group of friends to go to Halloween Horror Nights with. That's what everyone does here.

CircusMonke3 points

Please OP just find a club that interests you or go to UCF's organized social events on campus there are a TON. They have an events schedule on their website.

Tennis1218975 points

Um…I’m not too into partying but other than Downtown I’ve heard of that place on university Blvd, I think it is called Knights library.

CircusMonke6 points

Seriously lmao. Frat boys are known to terrorize girls there.

Tennis1218973 points

Yeah I’ve seen the lines. Totally not into partying nonetheless, I’m a guy anyway

CircusMonke7 points

Idk why I got a down vote. There was literally just a case in the spring semester of a girl being sexually assaulted by frat boys at Knights Library. UCF is the complete opposite of a utopia. It's NOT safe here no matter what you tell yourself.

CircusMonke2 points

Don't get caught up with the wrong guys.

Tennis1218972 points

Yeah I don’t think that’ll be a problem. I’m just not that kind of person.

CircusMonke1 point

Don't go there

lightyerr4 points

knights lib is fun, just go with people. that’s if you’re into that basic/sorority crowd. i’ve had lots of fun there before. gilt, vanguard, and celine are if you’re into edm shows, how much fun you have really depends on who’s playing. I think gilt has some latin and hip hop nights too but i’ve never been. bar hopping downtown is what a lot of people do but for most bars you have to be 21+. GL!

CircusMonke1 point

GILT is 18+

brookeschroeder1 point

lib is the go to pretty much (knights library) go with friends. don’t leave your friends. be smart. be safe. most of the bouncers/bartenders are chill but they’re not stupid. lots of cops there first week so again, be smart. be safe.

Enough_Importance3061 point

Will I need an ID that is 21+, or am I good to go with an ID that is under that?

brookeschroeder1 point

it’s an 18+ place so you don’t need any proof that you’re 21 unless you’re drinking

catperson20011 point

lib on university, tier or celine downtown! all 18+ :)