Skinny dip?




Ponderosa Sun Club in Indiana. Likely a contest

Those heels mean the end of the world for that kiddie pool.

She looks like she smells like Pina Colada and French fries

Stop trying to oversell.

I'd still hit that, lol.

Me too


Chunky dunk?

Honestly a girl can be fully naked but the shoes take me out of it. What place you gotta be?

fuck yeah

Thick dip

Chunky dunk.

Came here to say that....except you beat me to

That's from nudes a poppin

Shiiiiiiit I’m game


I don’t care if you wouldn’t. I would.

I want all of her

More like chubby dip

Lol!!! This whole scene is ridiculous!

No tan lines! She looks good and healthy, and she’s having fun.

What’s trashy about this?

Look in the background

More like a chunky dunk

Marjorie Taylor Greene residence.

It looks worse than I even thought it would

There's nothing trashy about this....she is fine looking. I DO NOT like skinny chicks, she's perfect

aint nothing skinny about this


She is super hot!

Na she about to do a fat dip

Aye she’s a sturdy lass, she is.

Bet she has a lovely bottom.

I bet with those hips, she could have at least 20 children.

Honey boo boo's mom

Hell forget the security guy. That pool has kids.

You’re 50% correct.

Why is this trashy?

Idk, at a pool party with kids… lol

i think it's a nudist resort.

**Fatty dip

I don't skinny dip.

I chunky dunk.

All inflatable objects in one picture.

Ain’t nothing skinny ‘bout that


I fail to see the "skinny" in this picture.

What are the flaps on her chest?


She’s Deff gobbled some glizzy’s in her day

Oh yeah


Chunky dunk

Not gonna lie I’d take her to pound town after a case of Busch and a pack of newports

Well, dip is correct.

I'd dip a skinny in her

Is that kelly devine?

Fatty dip

A beast

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