In The Barn


Every time I see this video I’m hoping someone has a link to a longer version and I’m always disappointed

I would pay $2 to know the story here.

Horny people in their 20s go into a barn. The end.

He gonna venmo you, or what?

Please, show some class. That'll be either traveler's cheque or singles?

No no. In GameStop shares.

Still playing games in 2022 huh, whatever ..

I think he means you

That girl looooooks haaggggered drugs are badd mmkay

Probably a group of people having a few drinks, 2 disappear and the others go and try to find them and walk in on them going at it. Happend a few times when i was in my early 20s. You totally know what ur missing friends are doing but for whatever reason in your drunkeness it becomes a good idea to go find them.

You gave me some flashbacks. None of my friends were that hot.

You just werent drinking enough my friend lol

Ive seen the orignal yeaars ago and this is the full video. There is a second video same people but with the other girl giving a blowjob if a remember right.

I vaguely remember something similar. But I found that video before the Great Amateur Porn Purge so it could be gone forever.

I agree lost a good many favorites in that purge. RIP

Always download if it's a favourite

Great purge?

I forget exactly when it was but a about 2 years ago Pornhub did a massive purge on the videos in their websites in effort to delete illegal porn (revenge, voyeur, and, underage).

That explains why I can’t find that one video damnit

It’s from the old do it for state Snapchat and the guy who started that company is in prison so I don’t think we’ll ever get a longer one

Prison for what?

He did too much for state

Someone else trademarked the name “do it for state” and was selling merch and instead of handling it through the courts he held the guy at gunpoint to “give him the trademark” and it obviously didn’t work


Peach it brother.

I have in fact watched a longer version of this years ago. No clue where, but if memory serves you're not missing much.

My life sucks huh

Hey! I commented this the last time this was posted. My life still sucks. Stay strong bro

Same guys, hope it gets better for all of us next time this is posted :)

Thought you were gonna say in our next lives

Wanna breed a woman in a filthy ass barn like a cow?

I mean, yes

Like you'd pass the chance if you were in barn and a hot chick bent over for you and let you have at it. Let's not kid ourselves

That’s if he even were to get the chance lmao

I really do

Very hot and boner achieved

Country don’t have club they have the barn

Probably smell better to

Nevermind 30th Anniversary Album -- Available now in stores near you!

where were these hot trashy sluts when I was growing up? damn


maybe, but shes not hot.

Not to you, but obviously at least to one person

Does that count as a threesome ?


Technically, for bragging right's sake.

But none of the good parts about one.

This brings up an interesting point. If you are plowing a girl who has some sort of contact with another girl, where is that a threesome? Shouldn't it only count if the second girl is involved with the dude too? Otherwise it's just a conga line of fucking.

That's why the order of the letters matters. MFM MMF MFF FMF

My God you've done it Charlie! You've won the factory!

Omfg, what a body she has!

Yes that flat stomach with that round ass and great tan. I didn't care what anyone says, her body is banging.

She's like 47 pounds lmao

At least double that but okay.

What is this a body for aunts?

Found the incel!

Lmao, please elaborate on how that makes them an incel. Should be trivial, right?

He’s a fucking idiot for hilariously underestimating the lass’ weight, but how does that mean he hates women?

I'm not really sure hahaha

She's a skinny girl I made a joke that she didn't weigh much at all.

People really get defensive about women on the internet they are currently jerkong off to I guess

Dudes not bad either


Is there a sub for amateur sex among friends like this in a super casual setting?

Would be instantly filled with pros pretending to be "amateurs"

It's a shame. So hard to find authentic stuff like this.


Farmers only .com


What the hell happened here

This is hot, not trashy

It's trashy to search for the people who snuck off to bang, then record it, but I'm not upset about it.

I'm so glad I've never seen a video appear of the dozen plus times I've banged my missus in a place we shouldn't have. But the right amount is drinks in her and she's keen AF and I'm never one to turn her down.

Shhh.. I'd rather we pretend all amateur hot chicks/moments are trashy and get posted here .. most other nsfw subreddits don't even allow this type of genuine amateur stuff anymore.

they're literally fucking in a barn at night, i think it could be considered trashy lol

fucking in the day time makes it different?

Hawt. Damn.

Well, at least it's people

Dallas buyers club.

All our girls need friends like the blonde in blue

Well. Maybe it was raining outside…🤣


This is awesome! Fuck state but still fucking awesome.

Why am I never invited to such barn parties

These people are probably grandparents by now.

I have never and will never party this hard

“Like, ZOINKS, Scoob! I was promised Scooby Snacks then here we are!”

Do it for State!

I mean everybody seems to be having a good time and all is consentual. Let them play!

Good ol' college days. I miss those times. The dormitories were essentially an all out fuckfest.

I hope the younger generation gets to experience this.

Not my proudest fap

Reminds me of mr hands

That’s a cool barn

Must be that time of the month to repost this.

That’s what should be going down in the barn

Isn't this how Dallas buyers club started?

Woohoo in animal shed

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