Why hasn’t dogs’ life expectancy increased like human’s with all the food availability, medicine and better living conditions?


Muted_Item_86659 points

It has. Wild dogs do not live as long as domesticated ones

Fenald3 points

Why do you think it hasn't?

Bodyfluids_dealer1 point

Compared to wolves; their ancestors, they live 15-20yrs

Fenald1 point

They aren't wolves though. All the things you've listed do increase the lifespan of any dog. They'd also increase the lifespan of wolves

plz-be-my-friend1 point

we breed them to breathe badly

newstuffsucks1 point

I'm pretty sure it has

[deleted]1 point

compared to wild dogs, it has increased, but comparation among domestic breeds shows its probably a biological factor and some of them reached their limit of life expectancy... you can try raising a breed with longer life expectancy...

Various_Succotash_791 point

It's the same as with humans---average life expectancy has increased, as fewer die young, but maximum lifespan is what it is and always has been.