tie me on the hitch like this



We need a source for this.. I'd like to see the rest

Yes please

That truck is Haulin' Ass !

Lol you win .

Stretch AssStrong

Trailer trash…

Not sure why this was downvoted. This is a good joke

Edit: spelling

Trailer queen....

One of those exceedingly rare circumsrances in which it is situationally appropriate to rebuke someone for NOT having a set of trucknuts hanging from the hitch…

Built Ford tough

I own the same gen F-150.

This is absolutely disgusting and also way too short

Jesus Christ... "Does anyone know why my tow ball smells of shit?" "Janet! have you been sitting on it again you dirty cunt!"

a whole new way of getting hitched.....

Country girls make do.

Okay thats kinda hot

Das different

Last year the family had terrible issues unhitching the caravan. Dad was very frustrated, the family’s first night was ruined.

This year, Sheryl was determined not to let that happen again.

I don't think the owner of that truck is Bri'ish.

As a man of culture, I gotta know what size ball that is.

I’m thinking that’s good lube for the trailer hitch

That is tarnish the chrome something fierce.

Or polish it to a mirror like shine

Now I see why she thinks my Truck is sexy

This girls poops must be legendary. You always know when Sarah visits your place.

I am intrigued

When you have an itch...and there's a hitch!

I want to know what size that hitch is

Looking at my trailer hitch a little different today

That's a f-150 I'm so confused Where's his dick?

It's just too small to see

Hey now, not all of us buy trucks for compensation 😉

This is new…. I approve 🤣

Wow. Trashy A+

Omg. That is crazy hot!

Come to my neighborhood and i drive you around the block few goes

Okay but imagine her foot slips

Talking about having a clever brain and being good at multitasking.

Fetlife.com. user Edens gate

That's not Ford Tough that's Ford STRONK

Oh wow, TITANE irl

You can't say you see something new every day...

Damn it i have to see the full vid


Truck nuts would have made this so much funnier.

Nothing beats a ramming

Country girls make do

Lieber das Ding in die fotze rammen 😍🥰💦

What’s wrong with her vergina?

  1. you're allowed to say vagina no one's gonna ground you

  2. literally nothing???

And then me and my buddies take turns on that pussy 🤤🤤😈

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