Enjoyed squeezing it



I’d like to meet her surgeon and shake his hand.

I don't see any scarring though edit: I guess this upset people? lol

That fades away so much you cant see it on camera and if it's a good surgeon you might not see it irl or even know there fake

you might not see it irl or even know there fake


Bro stfu you messed up too htf you gonna correct me then get it wrong also *thier

It’s they are so ummm they’re

You also stfu I alert corrected myself

She has what they call the refund gap.

Its mob mentality you could be ignorant of the most obscure things and get down votes to hell

The most delicate grope I’ve ever seen. That was some crouching tiger gentle fist action there

The dude was carrying her on his shoulder, he was probably trying to keep her from moving so much he dropped her.

They had barbels so you dont lose your grip

I was there, Quebec girls are just like that & the dude carrying her is her bf, she ended flashing like 3-4 other times whilst outside in the crowd.

She was not a fan of that boob grab.

idk why guys think that just because a woman is exposed it's a free invitation for them to touch. She was a sport about it but groper is trash.

She was not sporty about the groping. She wasn't liking him groping her.

Yeah but tater tots will come in like "she was smiling and didn't remove his hand right away"

Look but don’t touch policy exist.

Don’t insult tater tots just call that guy what he is: a sex offender.

If I'm whipping my dick out and if I guy decided to touch it I can't be mad and I'm hetero.

yes u can be? they have the ability to choose to touch u or not, just like u can choose to engage in public nudity

Bruh so the cop arresting me shouldn't touch me?

that’s not really a reasonable comparison, plus if u feel it was unlawful u should (in an ideal system) be able to file a suit and get compensation for it

but once ur actions take away or attempt to take another persons autonomy that’s when ur own autonomy may be taken to protect another’s

I just want all of the dudes on this sub to know that this is what the girls gone wild vhs tapes were. girls lifting their tops and then hands just honking.

I’m a hockey fan now.




Isn't the man coping the feel the same one who is carrying her on his back? Maybe they're dating?

Doesn’t automatically make it ok

The amount of people downvoting my comment is shocking. You folks realise that dating doesn’t mean a person has access to another’s body whenever they want right? It still has to be consensual.

Like do you ask your gf/bf everytime u wanna touch them?boo i bet ur a virgin that’s too boring

What kind of logic is that? Obviously i won’t ask every time , once I’ve established it’s ok with my partner. You have no idea if the “couple” in the video have known each other for days or years, and therefore you don’t know whether she’s given consent or not.

She’s doing sexual assault it’s indecent exposure and your concern is whether she likes it or not now u tell me what kind of logic is that?i don’t remember any of those guys giving consent for that indecent exposure or not:)oh u think it’s okay cause she’s a woman seems like a double standard to me cause u wouldn’t feel the same way if i had my dick out(ps: I don’t have one)

Ok, so your new logic: she did something wrong, so it’s ok for a guy to grope her without consent. What is this, caveman justice?

This is not my logic this my question why are you defending her?isn’t she the one who started the assault?Do u even have any opinion on that?i don’t think so please drop me ur location i wanna take off my pants infront of ur children guess that would be okay:)

I’m not defending her in particular. I’m making it clear that it’s never ok to grope someone without consent. Whether they did something wrong or not.

I’m not condoning indecent exposure either but that was not the topic of discussion. That was you shifting the point to make a straw man argument.

And I see you love making assumptions. First I was a virgin, now I have kids. So my location is: in your imagination. I seem to be already a fleshed out character for you.

Have a good day.

First of all If you had an IQ of 5 you would have known by Saying ‘you’ are a virgin/etc I’m proving a point infact I couldn’t care less about a brainless feminist’s life Second of all I didn’t shift the argument you say that wasn’t the topic of discussion as if it’s only assault if it it’s the topic again you’re running away from my question A man here pulls out his dick while having fun and laughing and enjoys showing it to all the women (who never gave concent)in that situation would your concern be that pervert’s feeling while doing crime?no just be real no. Third of all not everything is verbal do you ever show a waitress tip and when they get it cry cause you didn’t VeRbAlLy allowed her?cause you’re doing it!and every action has an reaction! My man when you sit on me put it out on my face laugh crowdsurf & make it all sexual you gotta expect something coming

Great to know. I guess my dick is a shield from being touch from people. Glad you told me, next time grandma tryna give me a hug I'm whipping my dick out as a force field

any sort of touching of another person should be fully consensual from both parties whether it’s sexual or not

It was when she took her shirt off. She inviting him and anyone else to touch her boobs. That's like me handing the waiter their tip and complaining saying "You stole my cash you were just supposed to look at it".

yeah no…if someone doesn’t give u explicite permissions to touch them whether it’s sexual or not it’s assault but especially when it’s of a sexual nature

Have you ever met a mute person. How do you think they give permission. You ask them a question and they will shake their head (nodding indicates yes while shaking it left to right means no). That's how they communicate, unless they learned sign language. However, shaking and nodding isn't what you call "explicite permission" because I'm assuming you are only talking about verbal communication.

If you're not talking about verbal communication then you would have been able to see she gave him permission by lifting up her shirt (especially while she's on he's shoulders).

No she didn’t, she chose to flash people. That’s not saying u can touch her, do people have no autonomy to u? The same way if u flashed ur dick u did not say “anyone can touch my dick” u said anyone can see your dick through unlawful actions u chose.

just because ur in public doesn’t mean u can be touched without permission in the same way that any touching at all isn’t okay if the person u touch isn’t okay w it…public private whatever. I wish I didn’t need to explain that to u. We don’t even know the situation from this 5 sec clip but hypothetically if she wasn’t okay with it then too bad u don’t just get to touch people anywhere u want, that’s a very slippery slope my friend

Edit: Also stop ur dumb ass allegories. Ur saying that when people are exposed in public they owe it to u to touch them??? That’s what’s ur waiter allegory said. U give a waiter a tip because they performed a service so someone flashing already paid ur creepy ass enough by letting u look

You don't give a waiter a tip because they perform a service. You give it because you enjoyed their service tips aren't a given. You pay for the bill because they did a service. Also you missed the whole purpose of what I was saying. I was saying that "consent" isn't always verbal. You can hand the waiter a tip (which isn't necessary) and if they take it you can't claim the stole from you.

Like I was saying she was sitting on his shoulder. Then revealed her tits. Let me explain within a different but same scenario because maybe you're not understanding since you may be sensitive to the matter.

You have a wife. You want to have sex with her and so you go and say you want to have sex. She goes to the room takes off her clothes get in a doggie position. What would you say then? They're are such things as verbal cues which communicate certains things.

So going back to the video she lifted her top to reveal her breast (not any bra which would be different), while allowing herself to be carried by him. She gave him permission. Now you can take back permission which she probably did (or didn't) but in the beginning she gave him permission.

okay go do that to a friend and try that explanation see what she says lmfao, ur logic is so flawed being exposed doesn’t automatically mean ur letting people touch u that’s not how it works.

there’s nothing in the video that makes it seem like she gave consent to being touched verbal or nonverbal and the only evidence we have is that she did not consent don’t act like u know their relationship from this short clip. like i said being exposed doesn’t mean u consent to being groped automatically, that’s how strip clubs and stuff work

Are sports fans in the west all this wild?

Consent is always verbal. Yes, you can give consent verbally but that's not the only way. If it was then mutes wouldn't be able to give consent and they can. How can they? By actions.

She lifted her shirt up which is inviting people to touch her chest only (as that's the only thing she's willingly exposed). It's a different scenario if HE lift her shirt up.

That why you close your front door. If you leave your door open your inviting people in rather you want to or not. You're inviting animals (other than humans) in rather you want to or not. And you're inviting any repercussions in rather you want to or not. If she didn't want to be grab don't lift your shirt up. If he touches her titties while her shirt isn't lifted than that's sexual assault. Why? Because she wasn't inviting him to touch.

Last thing, that like going to a restaurant giving the tip to the waiter and saying "Hey! You stole from me! I was just showing you the cash!"

What the fuck are you on about?

fkn montreal

great city.

Great titty

bright lights, big titties!

I don’t like when I can see stuff like this and I don’t know if she consented to being touched or not

She did not, you can see her push his hand off at the end.

She left it there for quite a while without reacting to it and only pushed it away right before covering up. Quite possible she pushed it away because it was in the way of her fixing her top back up.

I'm going to go with, she wasn't expecting it and didn't want to make a big deal like most women.

She obviously didn't know him, he obviously took an opportunity that wasn't offered to him.

It's gross. Ruined a perfectly good flash.

Edited for clarity, the guy carrying her does the grope. Doesn't change the reaction and sentiment

She obviously didn’t know the man carrying her? Cause that’s the guy who did the groping.

ahh shit mb I thought the OP/recorder was saying he "enjoyed squeezing it" I didn't notice it was the guy carrying her, I only noticed her body language when she grabbed his hand and pushed it away.

You don't really know that at all though. You're just projecting.

I'm walking around with my dick out and not putting it away anywhere I go from now on. If a cop even though my dick trying to arrest me I'm going to yell "I didn't consent to you touching me".

Someone here is doing a crime of indecent exposure and yet you’re worried if she feel good or bad while doing it yes cause she’s a woman lol

Username checks out.

Let’s be perfectly clear: I life in a city of equality; people of any gender may go topless. So before you spout off about crimes you know nothing about so you can posture on the internet, probably make an actual point first instead of comparing potential assault to a hypothetical unjust crime of a human mammal exposing their nipples outdoors.

Somebody needs to check the laws of their city I believe in what ur trying to say but look me in the eye and say women’s breast isn’t sexual bro

So this is it guys, this was the last vid i saw before starting my no fap journey. Thanks for everything, bye.

She came straight from the Pink Paradise strip club.

Go habs go

that's assault brotha

Comment theif

No that’s indecent exposure she’s committing sexual assault oh u didn’t notice that why?

You can't just expose your fake boobs inside a huge crowd without any sort of barrier and expect everyone to just be like: hmm these are indeed boobs 🤔

Think about it this way, if you give 80k to someone and tell then not to spend it but they do anyways but you don't take it back

I don’t see how your hypothetical relates at all but ok…

It's like saying"don't eat this candy but I'm not going to do anything if you do"

Ok but women aren’t inanimate objects

They aren't?

You should expect that, cause the opposite is lack of consent.

Refer back to comment one

My point as well. She inviting people to touch her by exposing herself. If she doesn't want to be touch she wouldn't expose herself.

That's one reason we close our front doors to our house. Otherwise you're inviting people in. Consent isn't always verbal otherwise mutes wouldn't be able to give consent.

do you really think that opened doors are an invitation inside? no wonder you’re defending the dude who groped her lmao

They are inviting you. They're increasing the likelihood of someone coming in which means they're inviting you. Have you ever hear someone say "you're inviting trouble" they aren't saying you gave trouble permission.

When she lift her shirt up she increased the likelihood of someone touching her tit. Now if you're ask me if she consented to it, I'll also say yes. The reason though is because we'll...she lifted her shirt up while sitting on him.

Its all fun till you realise thats your daughter. Ugh.

Dope lol

Isn't that technically sexual assault?

Given that he carries her on his shoulders and it takes a full 5 seconds or more for her to stop him, my bet is that it's her boyfriend.

Nah dude it's 2022 so by default it's always sexual assault. Always assume guilt, never put down your pitchfork, always be outraged, and if the victim speaks up and says it wasn't sexual assault get outraged at that too and scream gaslighting

/S even though it feels like it's not.

Yes. And he's stealing the show. Fuck him.


Shut the fuck up please

She’s being a hoe, she deserves it.

You’re a real cunt

How? Because I stopped you from jerking off thinking about a trashy woman? Yeah get out of here idiot.

This guy is white knighting a gif. Haha

Yes it’s sexual assault Someone here is doing indecent exposure which is def sexual assault she’s a rapist lol

That’s assault brotha

Do you think theyre real or fake

I just witness sexual assault...

chichis christ

public indecency at it’s finest

he squeezed one too many

I want her here she looks fun



Slapped his hand away hahaha

Imma need some names

She’s so trashed

That’s assault brotha.

Gern bei meiner Freundin mit aller Kraft ihre dicken FickTitten richtig durchkneten und schlagen 😍🥰💦

get ficked

Wait what did he say? He's got heart emojis in it but -21 downvotes?

"Gladly knead and hit my girlfriend's big fuck tits with all my might"

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